Here’s another episode of the 10 enlightenments –


1. If you eat the liver of a polar bear, you will die of the excess Vitamin A.

tenfigures | polar bear


2. The national anthem of Greece has 158 verses.

greece | tenfigures



tenfigures | greece3. A mantis shrimp can swing its claw so fast it boils the water around it and creates a flash of light.

mantis | tenfigures


4. Completely blind people don’t see blackness, they see nothing.


5. The muscles that control your eyes contract about 100000 times a day (that’s the equivalent of giving your legs a workout by walking 50 miles ).


6. Why doesn’t your stomach digest itself ? That’s because your stomach cells are created faster than they can be destroyed.

stomach | tenfigures



7. There are more than 300,000,000 capillaries in your lungs and if they were stretched out tip to tip, they would reach approximately the distance between Atlanta and Los Angeles.

enlighten | tenfigures



8. Ken Jeong from the Hangover graduated high school at 16 and medical school at 24.

hangover | tenfigures


9. Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne sold his 10% share in 1976 for $800. Today, it is worth $60 billion !

Ron Wayne | tenfigures


10. The original meaning of the word “silly” means  “blessed”, or “happy”.