1. Breaking bad  –

One of the most enigmatic shows in modern TV history. The show which stars Bryan Cranston as Walter White, and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman is a twisting story which shook the world with not just the monologues, but the amazing change in personality of every single character in this show. How a normal family undergoes a series of dramatic events are all so realistically portrayed in this show. You can walk away from the TV after every episode and go, “That could actually happen in real life !” .

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2. Game of thrones –

If I had to choose between my two favourite shows, I’d be torn between Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones !

The plot of this show is deep and twisted. Filled with gore violence, love, lust, revenge, and dragons; this show, based on the series of books by George R.R. Martin, is a fantastic TV series which will make you fall in love with particular characters. The use of fantasy in this story is just brilliant. This isn’t just about the story and the characters, it’s about the monologues too.  Game of Thrones can be used to make a handbook for inspirational dialogues to keep you going in life.

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3. iPhone

It would be too easy to simply say that the iPhone revolutionized the smartphone industry. It took the phone industry by storm. It redefined the applications of a smartphone, remodeled our picture of what a smartphone is and what it can do. Not to mention, it thoroughly dismantled formerly reigning phone companies in doing so. The iphone did not just mark the beginning of a phenomenal new age of phone innovation; it also retired certain practices that people cleaved dearly to, but that could clearly be done another way, an easier way. Android is fast catching up. Some might even say it is on par, but the advent of the iphone started it. Android wouldn’t be everything it is today if the iPhone hadn’t come out. You can read more about the history, idea and development of the iPhone through the years on the internet.



4. Bill gates

A simple college boy who dreamt of computers being made simpler to use, ended up creating Windows, which most of the people in this world are using right now. Yes, there were stories about him copying ideas from Apple’s products and its earlier software; but I have to say, Microsoft won that race.

Bill was so much more than a business man. In fact, since he retired, most of the things he has done are all for charity, and eradication of chronic diseases in third world countries. He has been giving away his wealth to help fight basic problems in this society.

We’ve written an entire article about Bill Gates and what you should know about him. Take a look by clicking on this link –  10 things you should know about Bill Gates.

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5. Titanic

Never before had a love story received such critical acclaim from young and old people, alike. The beautifully depicted story served a double role – that of endearing forever the characters of Jack and Rose in the hearts of people and for getting people to truly appreciate the gravity of the tragedy that is the sinking of the RMS Titanic; a ship that was then popularly regarded the “unsinkable ship”

It also wonderfully brought out how a person can be saved in every way imaginable by the powerful emotion of love. This movie truly set the gold standard for romantic plots and to me and many others, it remains the undisputed king to this day. Get a copy of the movie and see it TODAY, if you haven’t already seen it (Not to sound like a hopeless romantic, but even if you have, it might make sense to see it again).



6. Alan Turing

He is widely regarded as the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence. He pioneered some key developments in the field of computer science – algorithms and computation. He was a British mathematician and needless to say, simply a genius. He was so influential and expansive in his contribution to computer science that to this day, achievers in the area of computer science receive an honorary award named the Turing award, and not the Nobel prize. Read all about his journey on the Wikipedia. One of my personal favorite movies is the Imitation game, which chronicles his journey all through life and brings to light in pretty dramatic fashion his intellectual genius and commitment in the face of never-ending troubles. You might wanna check that out as well.



7. Albert Einstein

With an IQ of 160 (maybe more) the mind boggles when one really thinks about how far ahead of his time this German-born gentleman truly was. The work of a theoretical physicist far transcended the work of so many before him and laid an unswerving foundation to models and theories for years that came after and possibly many more generations to come. His acute ability to perceive the technicalities of physical formations in the Earth as well as the far reaches of the cosmos continues to baffle Neuroscientists to the present day. Long before discrepancies began to arise in the popular big bang theory, Einstein had already proposed another theory – the string theory. He did not have it all figured out and even today it is not very well understood, but it still continues to have very many plausible figments. Parts of his brain are preserved in the Mutter Museum, which may be well worth a visit. Read all about him on the Wikipedia page.






8. William Shakespeare

Although history cannot, with any decent degree of certainty, attribute all his works to him, the name remains iconic and hugely revered in the sphere of literature. His works are studied in novice and advanced level literature courses. The break down of all the intricate aspects of his works really helps understand how art, if expressed well, can bring out the complexities of human nature and society. Multiple adaptations of his work have made the rounds in popular forms of commercial media. Do read all about him on the internet.



9. Michael Jackson –

Widely regarded as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson heralded a new age – the age of pop music. His songs, characterized by catchy beats and artistically engaging histrionics, caught on with diverse sections of the public very quickly. Very quickly, his renown spread all across the globe. To this day, he serves as an inspiration to modern day pop icons such as Rihanna and Justin Beiber and Chris Brown. His dance moves also shaped many popular schools of thought in the area of dance art. Read all about him anywhere you can.



10. Elvis Presley

Often referred to as the “The King of Rock and Roll” or simply “The King” really smoothed the struggling transition from the music age of gospels to what we know rock and blues music to be today. His school teacher gave him a C in music and said that he had no aptitude for singing. The next day, Elvis brought a guitar and played for his teacher in an attempt to prove otherwise. He went on to sell 600 million units of his music, worldwide. Read all about this man’s amazing journey on the Wikipedia.


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