1. The telescope

An invention that dynamically shaped our current understanding of various cosmic phenomenons through the years, the telescope paved the way for safe, space exploration and made possible much of the learning pertaining to astronomy we do, today.



2. Marvel comics
This major outset marked the beginning of a highly imaginative foray into the fuzzy world of science fiction, twisting and wildly extrapolating established science principles to give rise to super beings. Many of the abilities in Marvel characters have scientific roots, or at the very least pseudo-scientific roots. Philosophically, the marvel universe has largely impacted it’s readership and extended audience through movies and media, and remains the subject of much debate and discussion.


3. Star Trek

Aside from being a remarkably sophisticated, anachronistic, simply beautiful work of science fiction, Star Trek also explores the kinds of segregation in the human society in it’s own unique way; emphasising and demonstrating effectively the co-existence of diverse species. Also, in a world where humans are not the strongest and brightest of beings, it brings out the strength of human character and the power of a pure, sincere human endeavour.



4. Isaac Newton

Probably one of key pieces in a colossal scientific revolution, having developed the mathematical techniques required to study various physical processes both within and outside the Earth, Isaac Newton was the true definition of a man who was way ahead of his time. You can read all about his groundbreaking, futuristic thoughts and inventions on the wikipedia.



5. Rafael Nadal

The ‘King of Clay’, Aged 28 and possibly (quite sadly) in the twilight of his career, Rafael Nadal’s staggering achievements speak for themselves. Not to mention, he has a thumping 23-10 winning record against arguably the greatest tennis player the world has ever seen, Roger Federer. Read all about his inspiring story and his amazing achievements on the wikipedia.



6. Blackberry

Although the company has been floundering in recent times, one cannot deny that Blackberry (then, called Research in Motion or ‘RIM’) opened up a new age for mobile communications. At the time, having access to speedy communication tools such as email, push notifications and instant messaging on a mobile device was nothing short of revolutionary. The security that the handsets come with remains the industry standard to this day (which is probably why Obama still uses one). You can read all about it’s (not so) astonishingly quick rise to the top and it’s equally hasty fall that has come about in recent times.



7. The phone
Imagine going about your day not having the slightest clue about where your dear ones are or what they are doing; or even knowing whether or not they got hit by a bus this morning (of course, that would be by the information of relatives). Scary, isn’t it? For the phone, the ad writes itself. Regrettably, it has begun to have some deleterious effects on humans and human society (mostly for having fostered a lull in camaraderie and the taking away of the basic ability to hold one’s own in a personal encounter), but that does not change the impact that these amazing things have had on all our lives through the years.


8. Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The only time nuclear weapons were used in war, the unimaginable devastation caused by the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the final stage of the second world war, was as big a blow to humanity as it was a win. It sparked outrage over insane amounts of innocent blood spilled, very strongly reinforcing compassion and mercy, and forever creating a resistance against going to war in the minds of the world’s major powers, much less cause so much destruction. Elegies and laments describing the lurid details of the cataclysmic event continue to flourish in the world of literature to this day.



9. The Internet and Email 
The internet allowed a connection to be made across global locations, but it wasn’t till the advent of the Email that it’s utility came to be truly appreciated. Although the process may have been resource intensive and slow at first, today, quicker and more efficient than paper mail has ever been, it is so commonplace that no one save for beavers and cavemen can do without it.


1o. Cartoons

Movies and media have always been able to incite emotion, but it was only after cartoons and animations that people had the first real chance of experiencing the purity of human emotions without latently associating it with the looks, persona and the screen presence of the onscreen performer. Today the world of cartoon and animation have created a movie brand in itself, forcing the more vulnerable aspects of human character to show themselves like no other mode of cinema ever could, before it.


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