1. Computer

Imagine a world were every operation we carry out is subject to human error – a world were painstaking, time-consuming, complex calculations have to be made for the most tame advance in a piece of machinery and even that could come crashing down dramatically owing to one simple human error. Simply horrific to even muse about, right? Well, thanks to the computer you won’t have to. Starting with the mechanical computing solution that the father, Charles Babbage came out with, through the last 5 generations, into the current generation of cutting edge technology solutions, computers have taken every possible industry by storm. If you should ever have to name the biggest invention ever with a gun pointed at your head, this would be it.


2. Anesthesia –

 Has someone ever told you something is self explanatory and you thought that it wasn’t really? Well, this is not one of those times. Agonized screams all night long and while you are trying to help someone! Just picture it.


3. Aladdin

Aladdin lay the ground work for generations of  excellent animation motion pictures that came after it. Starting with the great voice acting, to a story in which the elements fell nicely around the lead characters, to successfully bringing out the mystique surrounding the palace setting , Aladdin really got a lot of things right. Not to mention, it’s lead characters Aladdin and Jasmine are still some of the most loved cartoon leads ever. Also, the games were really fun.


4.Star Wars

One of the earliest epics to ever hit, Star Wars was the first big space series. There is nothing I could say here or no details of the plot line that I could reveal that could take away from the delight of living the experience of watching it. It breaks so much new ground in movies and space fiction that detractors often end up looking silly.


5. Dinosaurs

Before this literally monumental discovery (although, scientifically not all of them are large; but, that is how most people see them), people could scarcely think up something truly “monstrous” in their heads. And it’s not all fun. That evolution took such a big leap raised a lot of questions in many fields of science, the answers to which could solve the seemingly unremitting mystery that is “How did life on Earth form?”


6. Christopher Nolan

One of the outstanding directors of the century, he may just be seen as unparalleled in his intellectual ability. To compound that, freakishly well I’ll add, he also only makes movies that leave a profound impact on the viewers. In other words, movies that make people think. Sure, his movies can seem recondite to some. But, if someone had to call a crop of movies didactic, enriching and mentally engaging, his movies would undoubtedly form that crop.


7. James Bond

The fictitious hero that sensationalised the sleuth/spy – made him give out the impression of a swash buckling, gallant, fearless man, a formulation that has amounted to the heartthrob of virtually every young woman, over the years. And the fact that hollywood always gets good looking actors to play the role is a welcome addition.


8. Religion

So many different religions practiced all over the world, Christianity being the most widely practiced one. Religion initially gave rise to pious societies and through misuse and exploitation, it has ultimately, regrettably, lead to regression in many societies. Strangely, it still stands with some as a stronghold of peace and with others as the destroyer of peace.


9. Music

Music adds a new dimension to language and communication. Things that are ineffectively expressed through regular conversation are rather easily conveyed through music. This has led to the coming about of the popular adage, “Where words fail, music speaks”. Across all the different genres, there is something in it for literally everyone.


10. Apollo 11

The first manned mission to land on the moon, it opened up many avenues in the field of space travel and made humans reconsider the impossibility of someday reaching into the far reaches of the solar system, or space in general. Although the event has since been mired in controversy, documented proof can be found online to support it’s veracity.


So that’s it for this installment. Feel free to discuss about any kind of impact any of these phenomenons may have had on your life or thinking. You can also leave thoughts and opinions in general below in the comments section.