This is an article explaining what ISIS is, how it came to exist why they are thriving, and also how they can be stopped. This is an interesting topic that has a lot of stories revolving around it, so we’ll talk about it from the beginning.


1. What they are as most people know it –

That they’re terrorists causing mayhem.


2. Who their members are as most people know it –
Lunatic Muslims, of course!
We know them as these crazy Islamic people who will do anything to harm others, including a public execution.



3. What most people don’t know
They are highly intelligent, clever, master-strategists with highly sophisticated equipment and machinations. They’re not simply a collection of hooligans. They are mentally deranged and need help with their ideals, no doubt.
But somehow their intellect is intact.
Also, they make Taliban look like motherhood and apple pie.


4. Their origins
Iraq and Syria.


5. Why they emerged
This was because of the differences between Sunnis, shiites and Kurdish. The differences were primarily the debate of what it ideally means to be a Muslim.
In 2011, when U.S. troops withdrew from the region, AQI (run by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) did not face much friction and had grown strong in it’s stance. It was rebranded as the Islamic State of Iraq, or ISI. The Shiites were still the chief targets, but now suicide bombers began to attack police and military offices, checkpoints, and recruiting stations. ISI’s ranks were mostly formed of former soldiers and commanders; the result — a very potent militant force.
With such a formidable force to call upon, Baghdadi now turned to the Shiites in Syria, where President Bashar al-Assad had largely lost favor with the Syrian public, owing to a secular uprising.ISI fought Assad’s forces to a standstill in many areas and a new power called ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) emerged in the region


6. What Obama and the US is doing to counter them
Amid increasing concern over thousands of seemingly innocent civilians being recruited into ISIS every month, the US has acknowledged the threat. In conjunction with the NATO Alliance, troops have been committed to several military operations to hold ISIS in check. Also, they’ve put together a platform of muslim scholars to counter the ISIS narrative, which for it’s radicalist intent has proven itself to be remarkably persuasive.


7. Which of the world’s countries are most engaged in the offensive against ISIS ?-
It is reported that a total of 54 countries are united in the fight against ISIS.
Russia has been actively involved in this check since very recent times, and seem very adamant on destroying the ISIS.  Americans and it’s allies have called this an act to harm Russia’s enemies. But, what’s politics without a little speculation ?
Click on this link for a detailed breakdown of what each country is doing to contribute to the effort:  Countries engaging the ISIS situation.


8. What is the best solution ? – 
There are a few allies ( The Kurds ) to the Americans, and they are stuck among the ISIS. The American Government could offer to promise separate states for these groups of people (except the Kurds because they’re allies, and the ISIS because they are terrorists).
These separate states could be manned and protected by NATO troops. These troops could be both for protection and for training of the newly formed states. This will isolate the ISIS, and will lead to their decline.
This deal could be a take it, or leave it kinda deal. If they choose to leave it, then the only option left is to act with no diplomacy, i.e., strategically bomb the states.


9. Conspiracy theories –
 There are a million conspiracy theories surrounding this issue. The primary one is that the US itself have backed the ISIS, to profit on weapons manufacturing.
The other is that the ISIS are a group of people that are dissatisfied with the system or the world around them and they have found a platform to vent their frustration and hate. Since Islam has been branded such a violent doctrine or religion in recent times, they have adopted that name to conceal their true identities and intentions. The truth could well be that not many of them are even Muslims or that it is not really a faction that emerged from communal tension among different sects of Muslims in Iraq and Syria (somewhat credible for the reasons mentioned below).


10. Even though these conspiracy theories sound improbable, even outlandish, before pointing fun, let’s examine some evidence that has surfaced in support of these.
  • Tattoos of US army on some of the ISIS members’ arms.
  • They are all intelligent and strategically highly sound as would be the case if they were an association of skilled personnel from different military institutions (US army, other armies, intelligence agencies, people who want to blow the whistle because they think what they are a part of is wrong) that were sick of the system.
  •  Why would strong proponents of any variant of Islam who felt compelled to use such aggressive methods to enforce their ideals call themselves “Islamic state of Iraq and Syria”?
While these theories might make a little sense and do make some valid points, they still should be taken with a pinch of salt. A lot of concerted efforts from many major powers around the globe are being made to counter ISIS or try to offer palatable terms.
That said, you have been given the full scoop. You are free to draw your own conclusions. Sound off in the comments.