For a while now,  has been redirecting to, and that’s not a malware issue, nor is it a hack.

This is one of the most important decisions we have made since the inception of the startup.

TenFigures will now function as “MindPluckd”.

The ones working with us had radical ideas to scale the startup, and it seemed like every time we did that, the name “MindPluckd” sounded more appropriate.

This decision will only open a lot of doors for us in our endeavors, and hopefully we will implement all of our ideas, exactly like how our content urges you to.

The other reason why we renamed our startup was because the name reflected the personalities of the entire team working here.
We weren’t this boring “just-another-startup” kinda people.
The name sorta found us 😀

We have partnered with writers and investors to make this work.

We hope you keep following our content. At this point, we are all about delivering great content, to help you truly understand the world, and hence, change it 🙂

PS – If you live in Bangalore, India; we have great news for you, as our event will be held here very soon.  We’ve designed the event in a way that it will be a platform for you to be motivated, and then implement all your ideas.

More details will be uploaded soon.

Thank you all for the constant support 🙂


-The folks at MindPluckd