You remember the last time you gazed at a 7 series BMW and said to yourself – ‘some day’? But the fact is, that after some time you’ll say to yourself that it’s impractical and nonsensical to own a car like that. The desire is extravagant but the decision isn’t.

It’s magical when we see our idolized
movie stars do extravagant stuff in movies. Homes built in thousands of square foot where only 3 people reside, convertible cars where the hero’s hair is dancing in the air.

To understand the true meaning of mediocrity we must dig deep into the thought process. For the middle class people reading this post, you already know the essence of mediocrity as you waited for the post to load in a 2G connection. And the rich peeps are never satisfied with their Internet speeds, they seem to demand a higher bandwidth allocation from our end to improve speeds. Which one is mediocre in that?

I’ll add more distortions to help you find your clarity. Mediocrity is not just about financial aspects but the thoughts. I believe that by worrying too much about the financial matters your mind is tuned for a conservative approach to life. It’s okay to be mediocre about spending but it’s not advised that you have mediocre ambitions.


Consider the 3 cases:

Case 1 – Just think of your major decisions in life and if you got exactly what you wanted.

Case 2 – If you get more than what you asked for.

Case 3 – Getting less than what you think you deserve.

Case 1 is when you get lucky in life and get what you want. But not the best case if you look at the mediocrity angle. If we aim for a 100 in life, we end up with an 80. So if you do end up with a 100 you are either very good at what you do or mediocre in your ambitions. Your potential is higher, maybe a 120 was a possibility too.

Case 2 is the worst case scenario. Your ambition and potential is not even in sync. Let go of mediocrity, aim for the higher.

Case 3 is the best thing that can happen to you. But there are two views to this case. You could be a lazy bum not working at your benchmark or you have erased the mediocrity from your thought and aim for the highest. There is a lot of lesson to be learnt in this case, case 1 and 2 kind make you dumb.

The conclusion is simple, it’s not to limit yourself. Relevance of a limit in life is not justified by the means of achieving it. Mediocrity is a limit we bring unto ourselves. Remove the mediocrity from your thought, let the ideas grow limitlessly and you will find that you are living the high life.