I don’t usually write about topics like this. I stick to my area of interest, which is usually entrepreneurship, business and a little bit of inspiration. But, I’m writing this now because I think I might have something to say regarding this. This sort of sounds like a tribute to something that once existed and still does; it is.

Think about any relationship you know. It could be a mother-daughter relationship, a father-son relationship, or a  romantic relationship. The two things that are significant foundations for those relationships are respect and love.

You’d think that love is enough, but there can be disasters waiting to happen if there’s no respect towards each other. Respect can mean a lot of things – respecting the person’s space, choices, time, friends, and a lot more. There might be choices that the other person makes that you don’t understand, and you’ll have to have faith in them. So, faith becomes a subset of respect itself!

With love and respect combined, the relationship will thrive because you will not only fantasize about your goals; you will make them happen together. It won’t just be you against the world; it will actually be you two against the world!

That is important because when you share goals and make them happen together, you’ll not just achieve that goal; you will become better individuals. You both will discover parts of your personality that you never knew it existed. You will discover empathy and true caring, and that’s significant to thrive in a relationship, as well as individually.

Ofcourse, you’ll have to work towards that relationship to even reach this point where it sounds like you’re in heaven. That work is the hard part. Most people don’t care about this and end up having unsuccessful relationships, and then blame the other person. The people who actually do the work towards it, have an incredible relationship. No star nor any planetary alignment would have a say in their fate, and neither will anyone else. Persistence is the key, and it has to be from both ends. If persistence exists with only one of you, that person must put effort into making the other person see the light at the end of the tunnel. And there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Such relationships which are based on mutual respect, love and understanding will lead to a life of zero compromises. That is essential in today’s world, where everyone thinks they’re compromising too much. It yields true happiness, which you can only find in such relationships.

If you have the kind of relationship I’m talking about, cherish it, nurture it and make it thrive; no matter what!