Having to wake up and finding that you actually have something to wake up for, besides just existing makes life so much more worth it. We have all created this world where we need to work ‘x’ hours to gain ‘y’ amount of money and that in turn would help us buy things that give us happiness?

Do we need to buy things that make us happy? As opposed to creating something invaluable and seeing the world that becomes so much better with it?

Forget dying; what would you live for? what would you represent? If you were a brand, what would it say?

In one of the interviews, Elon Musk said that he sees humanity as a multi planetary species, and dreams as big as this would excite him to wake up everyday. I paused that video for a couple of moments to ask myself that. What do I stand for? Do I really have something in mind in the first place? If I did, was I working towards that everyday? The answers to those are only for me to know; just like how your answers are for you to know.

We encounter so many people who are so deep into the system that they don’t even know what the system was intended for in the first place – To innovate!

To innovate means to create something valuable and make the world use it for the good. This means that with every step, we keep making humanity better. Dreams like this turn broke men into millionaires and millionaires into billionaires. It is because of the mentality to create rather than just being in the system.

In a couple of interviews that I attended at different startups, they asked me “Why entrepreneurship?”. I had read a lot of text book answers to this. “To identify a problem and create a solution” was the best. I did say that, and I added all the ways that I could wake up and have something to live for by creating rather just existing. It worked like a charm because I believed it to the core of my existence. The question is, do you?