The Whole Truth


Being truthful is simple sense is stating or seeing things the way they are and not sugar coating it with what you think it should have been otherwise. In other words, truth is reality. Or is it?


Whole Truth

Truth and Reality is multi-dimensional and it really depends on which side you are standing. There are indeed infinite facets to reality, some of which are opposites. The things we believe are true are true in some respect, but in some respect, they may be false too. The problem with life is that we can never capture the whole truth. Maybe our minds are not capable of handling the whole truth.

One thing humans have excelled at is to propagate one version of truth and conceal the rest. It is almost irritating to know that history is written based on what they wanted the future to know, no one knows exactly what happened. Hindu, Christian and Muslim mythologies are filled with depictions that unite people, promote culture and harmony. However, some believe that it is not the whole truth. The reason why we are almost forbidden to speak of the whole truth is because the society is just not mentally prepared to handle it.

So they came up with a stupid solution – Dosages. Just like medicines, the whole truth they said is dangerous if consumed at once so they broke it down into dosages. Today we digest that Trump is stupid, so that when he wages a war against North Korea we can digest the whole truth that the people who elected him are stupid.


Daily Truth

Okay this is too much to handle for now, so let us move on to what I’d like to call – ‘daily truths’. This is a simpler thought but how we handle truth on a daily basis determines our character. Character – the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. What makes us individual human beings is our ability to think. It is the qualities that are deeply connected to our inner most shells of self-righteousness that make up our character. Morals are a set of principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. These components constitute one’s character. Being true to one’s character is truth.

The ingredient that binds together the components of character is called ‘belief’. More on belief in my article ‘Consciousness’. If you are reading this post now you are surely alive because I do not believe in ghosts. Why do I not believe in ghosts? It could be because I have not had a paranormal encounter. I am just not conscious about some things, hence my belief is restricted. I wouldn’t even believe if someone or something leaves a comment below saying “Mindpluckd is awesome. – Ghost”. Even it was for real, I wouldn’t believe.


These beliefs change over time and some beliefs crystalize as we age. So based on my belief my truth varies. Road bump!


A terrorist believes that he is doing things to please his master or god and that itself is his/her purpose of life. His innocence is ‘not knowing’ that there is a world of harmony out there. No matter how much they want to try, their masters make them believe that they are outcasts. Some beliefs are based on experiences. The only way to make this world a better place is by acceptance of the whole truth, which in our diplomatic relationships will not work. Back to dosages again!


Ultimately, it boils down to being truthful to oneself.


We need world leaders who are truthful to themselves. We as world citizens need to be truthful to ourselves. We can change the world one truth at a time.


Coming back from a Hollywood style dialogue, we need to really understand what being truthful to oneself can do.


Relationships are complicated now than ever before. Do you secretly like someone while still being in a relationship? It may sound stupid, but that is okay. You cannot change what you feel but you can certainly change what you do about it. You could either continue being in your relationship by not giving your 100% or do justice by letting them go. Whomever we are with, they deserve a 100% and nothing less. If you are not committed to give a 100% maybe it is not worth it. Being truthful to oneself liberates you from fabricating the feelings that you do not strongly feel. If people in a relationship are not truthful to themselves it results in a ‘Britney Spears’ Relationship – Toxic. Being truthful to oneself is more important than being truthful to your parents, partner or the society. Therefore, by being truthful we make relationships better. One down now, let us see the rest.


Work – thing that everyone does for a living but Jeremy Clarkson does it to make people jealous. Not everyone can make his or her passion work. But then, Passion is overrated, it changes now and then based on the movies you see. Not to take lightly but just like truth there are many faces to passion. The good one and the ugly one.

It is our right to find our ‘calling’ and make sure we work hard for our calling. If you have not found your calling, work hard in whatever you are doing right now in life as if it is your calling. We have to be true to our feeling about work and the people we work with. It is immensely empowering to have good people to work with and it is demotivating to be working with negative people.

If we are truthful to ourselves at work we would never be in involved in conflicts. It is when our true character slips that we get ourselves in the middle of issues. It is our character and attitude that saves us in the end. So we now fixed Relationships and Work. What else is left?


It is perhaps most important to be truthful to our own Character. Without this, every other attempt at truth is void. Being truthful to one’s character is indeed the ‘whole truth’.



I used ‘truth’ 37 times until now trying to embed this to your subconscious. This single-truth  subconscious of our ancestors created history, as we know it. Our history had only one version but let us give our future generation the whole truth. Let us not restrict knowledge, let us build a world that is capable enough to handle the whole truth. Let us help children to face reality and developing great character.

Let us be brave when it comes to relationships and do justice to our loved ones. Work needs to fill you up with excitement and a sense of responsibility. This is your truth.

There is a saying ‘work fills your pocket but adventure fills your soul’. If your work is not filling up your soul do not worry, make way for adventures. Travel, explore and do things that you wish to be remembered for.


Truth is singular; it is being truthful to yourself.