The things that homosexuals have agreed to take in exchange for heterosexuality would shock you. They make these requests to God, fate or whoever is listening. One request I heard was to be homeless and in constant danger, in exchange for having at least the opportunity to participate in “normal” friendship and romance. Another one I heard was to be blind, deaf or dumb for the same deal. As I said, the requests are shocking, and, at times, quite offensive, but they are a window into the imprisonment that these individuals feel in their lives. 

In this post, we explore what I call Homosexual envy which is basically a term for things homosexuals wish for that “others” have. 

The bond between friends is a beautiful thing. Friends drink and laugh with each other. They smack each other on the butt and pat each other on the back. They roll around in each other’s laps, in a fit of humor or shared experience. They lean on each other’s shoulders during troubles. Best of all, friends hold nothing back around each other. In the end, one is left with a journey so beautiful that it is reminisced about profoundly for years and decades. 

But what happens when a homosexual in India goes near a friend? They feel awkward. The same way a heterosexual feels around the opposite sex. Heterosexual men and women can be friends despite sexual tension, but they don’t have to pretend like the sexual tension isn’t there and there are other avenues to relieve the tension. That’s where a homosexual is at a disadvantage. He/she has to pretend that the homosexual tension isn’t there and they have no other avenues to relieve the tension. As for making a large group of friends among the opposite sex, we all know how difficult that is in India. 

So what is the result? A life gone by without bonding. Without moments. Without memories. Without first crushes. Without romantic adventures and mistakes. Without journeys. A life without a single instance of honest human bonding. Not even with family. 

Thus, homosexual envy is born. The homosexual listens to music and imagines character stories that they never had.  They watch shows and movies and tear up at journeys they never had. They constantly hear about friendships that they never had. Relationships – That. They. Never. Had. Eventually, they develop a distaste for problems that heterosexuals express because the heterosexuals don’t appreciate what they have. It doesn’t matter if the problem is coming from a homeless person, a blind person, or someone who just doesn’t like their work. To the homosexual in India, everything is a privilege, compared to homosexual envy.  

If you live in India and you’re reading this, please do something to help these poor individuals. They need help understanding that life can be amazing even if human bonding isn’t heterosexual in nature. One day, hopefully, there will be an India where homosexuals do not have to wish for the most horrible things in the world in exchange for heterosexual journeys. Thank you for reading.