It’s staggering how many gay people wonder about this question. Since so many of them live in homophobic environments, they end up feeling wrong about their own homosexuality. So, the problem becomes self acceptance rather than social acceptance. In this post, we’re going to address the big question. In many ways, it is the most burning question in the minds of so many closet homosexuals. Can homosexuals change into heterosexuals? Well, let’s begin our discussion. 

Some evidence suggests it’s genetic, like eye color or skin color

If this is true, then there really is no discussion. If something is genetic at this level, then it cannot be changed.

Other evidence suggests that it’s probably a subconscious developmental result

Hmm. Well, let’s think about this. We all know when sexuality starts showing itself. We could say, it happens between 10-13 years of age. It can, of course, happen earlier in some cases, but that’s the ballpark period. Now, saying that sexuality is a subconscious developmental result is suggesting that when the urges start showing, there is more than one way to satisfy and solidify them. 

Honestly, I do remember times from that period when I looked at guys and thought they were attractive too. Eventually, I ended up going really far the other way, but I can see how it might be true that people start out with the ability to go both ways.

In any event, by the time teenage is done, sexuality has seen about 9-10 years of reinforced development at a subconscious level. Theoretically, it may be possible to change. If you, a man who landed on the gay end of the spectrum by the end of teenage, were, for instance, going on a ship cruise with only women onboard for, say, the next 8 years, then it would theoretically be possible to go from gay to straight if for some reason you weren’t allowed to masturbate at all based on mental imagery. But the truth still remains that you would have no conscious “choice” about it. You couldn’t consciously choose to be straight, and it would be a life of insane amounts of torture to address the development at a subconscious level after all those years of reinforcement. I mean once you find something sexy, it would be really really hard, even theoretically, to subconsciously stop thinking it is sexy.  

The bottomline at the end of the day

At the end of the day, the bottomline is that whether it’s genetic or a reinforced developmental result, you would go through insane amounts of torture in trying to change.  

What does the evidence say about the switch from gay to straight?

In scientific circles, there hasn’t been a single valid case of someone changing from gay to straight. Not a single one. There have been those who turned straight for a very short time before eventually sliding back into homosexuality. 

In anecdotal circles, there have been a few who claim to have permanently switched, but even those admit to “sometimes” still having homosexual urges but “choosing” not to act on them. 


Whatever the process is of turning gay, it’s going to be an insane amount of torture if you try to change. Like completely insane. It would literally drive you clinically insane. I encourage you to make peace with this, although I understand how hard it is. In the next post I write, I will share some insight on how to start accepting yourself. Thank you for reading, and know that you are all loved and accepted just the way you are, at least by us.