1. RBI governor, Raghuraam Rajan cautions that a strong government should come with accountability and a free market in order to cause prosperity in the nation

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2. Here’s what the director of the controversial movie, The Imitation game, had to say about why he chose to stray from an entirely accurate description of certain historical events in the movie.

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3. Roger Federer got embroiled in probably one of the weirdest wrangles in sports history when he took team India’s side going into the India-Pakistan cricket match, instigating a vehement backlash from the boys in green.

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4. One of us three editors here, being an ardent Chelsea fan, it pains me to give you information that Nemanja Matic, a player instrumental to Chelsea’s success this season, uncharacteristically went off the deep end during the clash with Burnley, instating a three match ban against the Serb.

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5. Jose Mourinho has made no bones about his unsettlement over many of the outcomes during the Chelsea-Burnley clash. Read here for full details on his edgy remarks:

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6. Greece has been able to broker a 4 month extension deal on it’s funding with the EuroZone. But, of course, their troubles are far from over.

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7. Should Obama be issued a bench warrant for the kids? You be the judge.

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8. A resurgent India flatten South Africa in world cup clash as the South African batting self-destructs. 

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9. As the idea of  space colonisation riskily evolves from being a thing of popular science fiction to a major consideration for the future of sustained human life, a surprising number of people are willing to  make the one way trip to Mars to support its terraforming. 

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10. The world could quickly see a remarkable solution to the heating problem found in so many of today’s super machines as IBM tests it’s newest invention – an electronic blood computer.

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