From the political world, we have these top stories –


1. Obama makes bold remarks on anti-Muslim bigotry

Obama hit out at the growing bias over the religion, Islam with people saying that the insecurities that Muslims carry accompanied by the inhuman acts of terrorism carried out in the name of devotion to the religion make Islam incompatible with today’s freewheeling society. He draws a comparison with the terrible things that were being done during the crusades and the inquisition in the name of Christ not too long ago. For his exact remarks read here:


2. New US lead attack on ISIS

The US lead 13 airstrikes targeted at ISIS in parts of Iraq and Syria. It has been stated in the past that committing more ground troops as opposed to simply launching airstrike after airstrike is essential in breaking ISIS. Evidently though, airstrikes have still not lost full vote. For more information, read here:


3. Attacks in Denmark

Police say they’ve shot the guy behind the Copenhagen attacks dead. Read here for further details:


4. Pakistan outraged over plan for India’s permanent inclusion in the UN Security Council

Long story short, Pakistan feels that India is undeserving of a permanent role in maintaining security and stability in its sector for all the unresolved resolutions on Kashmir, a land that both India and Pakistan like to claim is theirs. Read here for more:


5. China, Pakistan renew partnership

China referred to Pakistan as its partner in harsh weather shortly after Mr. Obama’s visit on Republic day, quite possibly the result of a feeling that one of the objectives of the US-India partnership was to curb China’s dominance and influence in the Asia-Pacific region. Well, I don’t know how good of a partner an ailing, self-destructing country like Pakistan can make, but apparently China thinks there’s something they have to offer that’s worth considering. Here is what the leaders of both countries discussed:


6. US and India cooperative development plan laid – Mr. Obama and Prime Minister Modi both agree that this could be the defining partnership of the twenty-first century. For more insight into the potential that these two largest democracies in the world see in each other and the common grounds they share on the opportunity and development fronts, follow this series on TenFigures.


Now, from the tech world we have a couple of stories –


7. A device that can make you hear with your TONGUE –

A bluetooth enabled ear piece detects sound and then sends electrical impulses to a retainer than presses against your tongue to hear. Colorado State University are developing this technology, and they’re currently mapping the nerves on the tongue, and that will take about 3 months to train your brain to hear with your tongue !

Tongue Mapping at Colorado State University


Check out this link to know more –  colorado state univ


8. Synthetic Leaves –

An engineer in London extracted chloroplast from plants and then bound them together using silk fibres. They actually function like real leaves; manufacturing Oxygen from Carbon Dioxide. This could take pollution down to an unimaginable level if commercialized.


Check out the link here for more information – Synthetic leaves , vsauce2


9. Car that runs on SALT WATER –

A Quant e-sportlimousine car has a top speed of 350 km/hr and can last a staggering 600 kilometers. It uses an electrolyte flow cell power system that powers the motors. Salt water acts as an electrolyte and yes, on a single charge, the car can last upto 600 kilometers.

Check this link for more info – Salt water powered car


10. Robot City ?

South Korea is planning to build a 1.2 Billion dollar city which includes theme parks, hotels and other stuff for robots !!

check out the link here – robot city



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