The journeys provoke such thoughts in me that I want to share with you all. These thoughts are random and I make sure I type it down on my phone when I get such thoughts or believe I have an idea. The mind expands as you silence it.

Before you read this, make sure you’ve read part 1 and part 2 of this series. It adds to the emotion that you’ll experience while reading the article. The other two articles are equally energizing.


  1. The Silence – The best part about the hill top was the silence. It was meditation the whole time we were there. It is so much difficult these days to find silence. If the world is silent your mind is not, if you mind wants silence the world doesn’t oblige. This moment, this very moment, the body was tired and silenced, the mind was fresh and silenced, and the heart beat slowly synchronising with the forest sounds. This is what we were born to do. We end up looking for a purpose of life but indeed the purpose is to be happy. Don’t chase success, chase the purpose, purpose of being happy and the worlds will align to your thoughts.


  1. The Wildlife – Pitch dark with no moon in the sky, I felt so close to the stars. In the cities you could count the stars amidst the smog, but its countless I realised now. Where is world headed? Towards modernisation? Towards the destruction of nature? We live as if we don’t have anything to lose, but we need to understand that the we now have the forest as a treasure, which we cannot afford to lose. So do your bit and contribute to the wildlife, be it monetary support to sanctuaries or any other means. Make sure you do what you can.


  1. Mind over Matter – I had heard this saying but this journey made me understand. The body gives up in the first hour of the trek – really. It is the work of the mind to redefine limits and stretch it. Only if we stretch what is not meant to be, we can reach great heights. The ligaments, the muscles, the bones in your body are designed to take more than mere step climbs. Similarly we have tuned our thoughts to a single frequency. It is when you travel that you understand what your body is capable of and what the role of your mind is.


  1. Motivation is like bathing, it is advised daily – Yes, you can everyday find new reasons to be motivated. Goals change every day. Destinations change too. One destination is the view point for the next. You need to find such stuff that motivate you to push harder for the next. Don’t be subtle be open minded and you will find the things that truly drive you.


  1. The Calling – A job is what I have back at home, the calling is what drives me away from it in the weekends. If you could make your calling your job you have won. But if it is not do not worry. Always find time for the things you love to do from your heart. If your calling is trekking, it is also your duty to stay fit and make sure you give justice to your calling.


  1. Each breath counts – If you were a smoker you would understand what I meant. There were other groups wherein a few smokers could not make it halfway. It is just that the lungs become weak due to smoking and does not take the pressure breaths required in the climb. Make sure you reduce or quit smoking and before an adventurous journey practice and improve your stamina to enjoy the trip.


  1. Your own world – You sit up there with your best buddies singing around in the bonfire and you feel nothing else matters. I feel that the relationship between people grows stronger and stronger as you travel with them. If you do get a change and everyone will, don’t miss out on any journey life throws at you. Just take it. Don’t think if it’s a beach you are going to or a hill station, the time spent with people is important. I make it a point to thank god for the journeys I was blessed to have and pray for more journeys to come. You will soon realise that you have for yourself created your own world. Your people, your known landscapes and you are indeed living your life and not others’.


  1. Planning is not everything, execution is – Don’t plan if you don’t intend to execute it. Plans are never fool proof so don’t get demotivated by the setbacks. Plan your journeys with such people you actually feel good with. Even if there is one person whom you are not comfortable with, the journey is not worth it. I have never been a fan of the riding or the trekking clubs. If you are blessed to have close cousins and best buddies travel with them. Those clubs are for the unlucky few.


  1. The Truth and different versions of it – You always come back as a different person when you travel. Each journey, each road, each minute is a new experience which you won’t get in the routine juggle. You explore your mind, you explore the possibilities, and you understand yourself more as you travel. The truth is that you I am a Finance professional but the truth also is that I love writing, I love ten figures. When I just limit myself to one truth I will lose the other possibility. There can be various truth but only one lie. One lie that you cannot accept the truths.


  1. Stay hungry for more – The moment you settle or feel satisfied you are finished. The humans evolved from the Stone Age because of this hunger. Without this feeling of wanting more, you would limit yourself to the comforts that you have. If Steve Jobs was not hungry there would be no Apple, if Sachin Tendulkar was not hungry he wouldn’t be the best batsman in the world, if you are not hungry you can never become the inspiration you want to become. Stay hungry for love, hungry for knowledge and hungry for travel and everything else you desire would follow.


Ten figures for us is not about limiting ourselves to 10 thoughts, but expanding the thoughts when there would be none.