A couple of weeks ago, we’d started a new series called “Top 10 stories from around the world”, and we covered politics, technological advances, along with a few other stuff. But there was so much information to provide in each topic that 10 points were just not enough.

So, we came up with a solution. We are still keeping the series, but we’re letting each topic have its own set of top stories.

This post will have all top stories from politics


1. Increase in interest rates by the Federal reserve the smartest move?

Here’s what renowned economist and Nobel laureate has to say about it:  Click here to read

Just for the record, I do agree with him and that’s not because he’s a Nobel laureate.


2. Is Hillary Clinton violating the terms of her office by keeping private emails to herself?

Here’s an article explaining the debacle (under mass-perception of course): Click here.

But you can make your own call.


3. Have the reds going overboard with their impetuous decision to send a hostile letter to Irani headliners?

If you think that’s bad, it should be even more disconcerting to know that Sen. Roy Blunt still stands by the letter: Click here to read more.


4. For all their measures to hinder Obama without ‘technically’ contravening any of the protocols and procedures, they do seem to have let up on one particular, very important issue – medicare.

Find out more, here.


5. The fight against Taliban is heating up, in this latest move by pak to send in troops to counter attacks on a church.

Read all about it, here.


6. Are US aid fueled Afghan militia leaders, in the fight against Taliban, further sowing seeds of discord? Certain villagers might say so.

Read more, here.


7. In another bizarre move in the battle against the Islamic state group, 8 former British soldiers have joined hands to control the spread of the crazy militant group.

Read more, here.


8. The situation with Afghanistan, Taliban and Pakistan has been the subject of much discussion of late, with some saying that Pakistan only wishes to weigh in with the intention of diminishing India’s influence in Afghanistan seizing the advantage on Afghanistan’s strategic location and it’s wealth of resources.

Here’s an article that has some very interesting points to make – Click here.


9. India has asked the UNSC to deal with pak-based terror groups in Afghanistan, urgently. Indians can quite easily imagine a lot of reasons for this move and also, anyone aware that terrorism is a political institution used to facilitate control in a region, for that matter.

Read more about it, here.


10. Nicolas Maduro of one of the worst affected countries since the emergence of fracking, got tools to deal with US crackdown.

Read more, here.



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