1. Digitizing Human Brain –

San Diego houses a brain bank that slices up the human brain into extremely thin pieces and then digitized. This will ultimately be used to create the Google Earth of the human brain !

Human-Brain | tenfigures


2. Printing electronic gadgets –

The Voxel8 3D printer can 3D print electronic items using ink that’s 5000 times more conductive than regular current conductive filaments, or paste. This device lets us build other devices which were previously, virtually impossible to build !

Voxel8Printer | tenfigures


3. Another layer protecting the earth –

A dough-nut shaped shield was recently found roughly 7200 miles above the earth. It is made up of high energy electrons and protons that fight and protect us from killer electrons ! Click here to read more.

star-trek-force-field | tenfigures


4. DeepFace by  Facebook –

Facebook’s facial recognition software is now so improved that the accuracy is now incredibly close to that of a human’s facial recognition accuracy.  Regardless of the angle or the lighting, the software can look at 2 pictures and guess who it is with about 97.25% of accuracy. A human can do the same with a 97.53% accuracy.


5. Real Life Wolverine claws –

This is old news really, but worth mentioning. Colin Furze, a well known youtuber has been working on X-men related artifacts such as wolverine claws, pyro’s fire equipment, and a lot of non X-men related stuff such as an add on to auto-rickshaws to make it go faster….way faster than you’re imagining right now ! All in all, you’ll know that Colin is just plain crazy, but incredibly innovative.  Here’s a link to his wolverine claws video –  ColinFurze, wolverine.

wolverine | tenfigures


6. 3D printed organs –

We were surprised when electronics were being 3D printed. This is as surprised as we can get !

Organovo designs and prints out dynammic, multi-cellular, functional human tissues for drug discovery and medical research. A couple more years into the future, and we can see printing organs instead of finding donors with the right blood match.


7. Google’s drone project crashed and burned –

Google X chief Astro Teller revealed on Tuesday that the company has gone back to the drawing board with its drone initiative, which at one point was seen as a potential rival to Amazon’s Prime Air project.

Read more here.

google x | tenfigures


8. Tech that will significantly improve your battery life –

Sakti3 is a company that just received a funding of over $15  Million to work on a kind of technology that will improve your crappy battery life. This will not only last longer, bu will be easier to make, environmentally friendlier.

Read more here.


9. Microsoft’s “see with your ears” project –

Andy Boxall, a contributor at Digital Trends underwent an experiment by Microsoft. He was blinded for an hour – made to wear a device that Microsoft was working on  – walked the streets of London using his ears as his eyes !

The device basically talks to the city around him and then provides guidance and information to the wearer. It used various connectivity options, as well as Bluetooth beacon technology to assist the user.  Read more here.

microsoft eyes | tenfigures


10. Turn your dog into a smartphone –

This pet tracker does more than just track your dog’s location. It has a feature that lets strangers check who the owner of the dog is and it lets them contact the owners via the collar itself. It has other odd features that we’ll let you judge. Read more here.


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