1. Facebook accused of tracking users –

Even if your account has been deleted ! or when you’ve logged out of your profile. Facebook has been allegedly installing cookies on your computers to track your internet activity, so that it can tailor advertisements just for you.

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2. The Atom smasher restarts soon –

The world’s largest atom smasher (Large Hadron Collider), which was responsible for the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle has been cleared to start running again as early as this weekend.

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3. Smart bandages are here –

These bandages can sense the state of the wound and treat it. It can detect tissue damage even before it can be detected by humans eyes.

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4. Cloaks that shield people from powerful shockwaves –

Brian J. Tillotson, a senior researcher at defense company -Boeing, has filed a patent for a sci-fi-esque cloaking device that would protect soldiers from intense shock waves generated by explosions.

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5. GPS in your brain –

Who needs sight to get around when you’ve got a digital compass in your head? A neuroprosthesis that feeds geomagnetic signals into the brains of blind rats has enabled them to navigate around a maze.  It raises the possibility that humans could do the same, potentially opening up new ways to treat blindness, or even to provide healthy people with extra senses !

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6. This smart alarm wakes only you, and not your partner –

This device is called wakē (pronounced “wakey” ) and it uses a beam of light and sound aimed right at you to wake  only you. Even if you’re snuggling close to your partner, the sensor can tell where to send its slowly brightening, sunrise-like beam of light, and the sound follows which is audible only to a part of the bed.

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7. 3D printed ants get things done –

These artificial ants are about the size of a human hand, and mimic the cooperative behaviour of the real insects by making individual decisions that relate to a common goal. In the following video, they work together to move a large object.

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8. Uber releases new, and bold update –

You finish your meeting that you’d scheduled for this morning; you walk outside your office to find a cab waiting for you. Except that you never called any cab; your calender app did, right after your meeting ended. Uber opens itself to let 3rd party apps trigger cab hailing as a part of its update. But will people catch on to it ?

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9. Human cruise control app can literally “steer” people –

Electrodes attached to legs can guide people wherever you want them to go via an app. Welcome to the bizarre world of electro-stimulation.

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10. This one armed robot can make you jobless –

Sawyer, the one armed robot has already made a name for itself as the new kid on the robotics block with a super-flexible limb able to perform intricate tasks once thought out of the realm of machines.  If this is revolutionized, regular, odd jobs will be taken away by thousands of Sawyers, and will mark an end to manufacturing employment. But we’ve still got a while till that happens.

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