1. When it comes to ensuring privacy, the trust gap between Europe and the US seems to be forever widening.

Here is the latest: link.


2. In Germany, which is growing increasingly eminent in the EU, things are less rosy with local politics.

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3. The noose is tightening for Greece. It looks less and less likely that it can pull itself out of debt.

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4. After Amanda Knox’s recent exoneration from being wrongly convicted by an Italian court, she seems to want to strongly stand by all who wear her shoes.

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Here’s another interesting article about the Knox fiasco : link.


5. Relations between mainland China and Hongkong seem to be getting more strained by the hour.

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6. After the purported Chinese aggression that has been on display in the Asia-pacific region, leaders from China, Japan and South Korea meet for a first in three years.

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7. With the current standard of education in India in a slump when compared to international standards, it’s becoming more and more necessary to bring reform:

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8. After the debacle that the completely uncalled for Republican obstructionism created on the Iran nuclear deal, here’s the latest on what’s going on on that front: 

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9. A de jure human rights movement has long been going on in radicalism plagued Afghanistan. An Afghan woman is the newest to join the informal advocacy.

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10. In what can be seen as a major coup, ISIS has suffered a significant blow in the killing of one of its top leaders.

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