1. Selerity, a financial tech startup published Twitter’s quarterly results which led to the fall in stock prices by 18% .

Read more about how they did it here.





2. Facebook’s infamous API which let 3rd party apps to access your friends’ data to be shut down.

Here is a complete breakdown.





3. Apple watch doesn’t seem to work if you have a wrist tattoo.

The ink in the tattoo interferes with the infrared sensors of the watch which doesn’t let the watch perform certain functions.   Read about it here.





4. A north Carolina university develops a kind of structure that significantly reduces the noise inside an airplane.

Read about how they’ve implemented it, and what kind of technology they’re using here.



5. Scientists successfully reduced the side effects of cancer treatment medicine which included nausea, hair loss and heart damage.

And what did they use ?  NANO-TECHNOLOGY !   Read about it here.





6. Uber is testing a huge merchant delivery program which allows users to get same-day delivery of goods through UberRush and Uber drivers.

Read more about what Uber rush is here.  And here’s the detailed article about this new service Uber is offering here.






Read more about what this means for GoPro as it enters the virtual reality market here.





8. Pembient is a startup that is 3D printing Rhino horns !

It doesn’t exactly look like Rhino horns, but they are genetically identical. Read more about it here.





9. Facebook’s login system intercepted by Firewall originating in China.

This system which lets 3rd party apps authenticate your Facebook login is being made to redirect to other web pages in China.      Read more here.



10. LG G4 announced.

The new flagship smartphone packs hexa-core processor in a dual-core Cortex-A57 and quad-core Cortex-A53.  It also comes with a 16MP camera with with a 1/2.6” diagonal, which sits behind a bright f1.8 lens. It uses Sony IMX234 sensor which isn’t been used in any other device.