Plugging the 8-bit console to the television and playing mario till all the goombas are beaten induces nostalgia in anyone.The gaming industry has come a long way from producing small,2d
games to a very diverse experience where a gamer can live through breathtaking visuals and audio.
Perhaps you would like to know some of the benefits of playing video games.


      10 benefits of gaming –


1. Improves decision making-

All games have a gamepay where a player must make a set of choices to move forward with the
objective. Most of these decisions have to be made in a fraction of a second. This means that
the player must weigh the pros and cons in a flash to arrive at a conclusion. So, gaming simulates
the process of making choices which is a good practice for real world problems.


2. Hand-eye coordination-

Many a times, a gamer has to control a character in a fast paced environment like a motor race, where
constant vigilance has to be maintained to steer clear of obstacles. Enter the hand to eye coordination
skills to test the user for fast adaptability to environmental changes. This makes the link between the
hand and the eye sharp as a knife which is very beneficial in everyday life.



3. Accelerates analytical ability-

Games like Portal, Antichamber and DOTA requires the player to understand the mechanisms on which the game is designed, and bring into life a number of strategies to complete the objective. During the process,the logical application increases and prolonged participation in gaming can increase overall analytical abilities.
Also, the fact that no progress can be made without beating the current objective makes you think harder.




4. Helps cope with stress-

You have to admit, playing a game of FIFA or even temple run while taking a break makes you feel more
relaxed. It has been shown that video games can be used as a tool for stressed and depressed people to
effectively reduce their frustration. This helps many people to be calm after a session of gaming.




5. Builds team work-

Team work is instrumental in any profession for innumerable tasks and robust products. Not surprisingly,
it can be tapped into with the help of multi-player games. Titles like Left 4 dead, Borderlands teaches
the players to clearly communicate with peers and also help them. This brings forth a sense of
belonging to a team and the game is completed through a collective execution of ideas which also
enables group thinking.



6. Boosts creativity-

The exposure to surreal worlds, enticing characters and a powerful music score captures the imagination
of anyone. Lucky for you, all these come as a package in games. This makes the player develop new and
limitless ideas that can be applied in real life. Take an artist for example, who paints the characters
of popular games.
Games leave the players wanting more which creates an affiliation to technology and it’s uses.

Morgan Yon Drunk Man


7. Games can be educational-

Video games can be used as a medium to aid in the learning process of kids. The idea of a game naturally
excites children which makes it an ever powerful tool to teach mathematics, pattern matching and
language skills. This way, learning and fun can go hand in hand.

Simulators of flight and driving helps the learner get used to the specifics of motor skills before even
hopping on to a vehicle. It boosts confidence and serves as an excellent practice to the user.



8. Fitness-

The past couple of years has seen an emergence of motion enabled consoles like PlayStation Move,
Xbox Kinect which revolutionzed the way games are played. With these in the picture, games which made full
use of the motion sensing/ Fitness based games -Zumba fitness rush, Active 2 by EA sports have made it
possible to exercise at home in a fun way. Gaming and fitness at once is like hitting two birds with
one stone.



9. Faster response time-

Getting used to reacting quickly while playing action packed games results in faster response times in
everyday life .It makes your mind attentive to stimulus. In short, it prepares you for the zombie apocalypse.



10. Entertainment-

Who doesn’t love to take some steam off by doing something fun ?
Just like movies and music, gaming is a source of high end entertainment when life becomes mundane.
It’s like living through a movie where you have control of your actions. With the advances in virtual
gaming, devices like Oculus Rift creates your own world to have a good time.

Just like watching an exciting episode of Game of Thrones, playing a nice game for an hour can shoot down boredom like Max Payne terminating the bad guys.





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