When you were young all you needed was a 50 Paise candy from the corner shop to bring you happiness. The importance there is the taste of the candy and not how much it cost. As you grow, money becomes important and your tastes will lose  flavor. Now happiness comes with only phones that cost a fortune.


Once in a departmental store I went shopping to get some stuff to eat; you know, junk that take minutes to eat and months of pain in the gym to burn. After picking up countless flavors of biscuits, chips and some chocolates, I waited in the queue for the billing. I noticed that I missed juice, rushed and bought it too. I had more than what I wanted in the basket, yet it felt like I missed something or I may need more of it. As I waited I went back in time where I had One Rupee in my pocket of which I would spend just 50 Paise for the candy and save the rest, yet I was happy. The contrast was evident, that happiness and the value of it is lost. With basket full of stuff in my hand, I was not happy; not satisfied.


This article is more or less my realization of what the changes are around us that has made us this way and what change in us can make this world a better place.


1. Insufficiency Syndrome

Inflation is when too much money is chasing too few goods and this has been India’s major problem since the millennium, wherein the value of Rupee has been continuously reducing. Why am I talking economics? Because it matters! What happens when you are growing up in a situation where all people are talking about is insufficiency of money; when you grow up in such economies all you would be want is to have a better life than that. So far so good.

When you earn more, you spend more. People get used to a lifestyle of spending more than required and on more and more materialistic stuff. Now, being online on Whatsapp is considered being there for a friend. Sufficiency is over rated yes, but on the other hand we are losing track of what matters and what not.

To me, an Alpenliebe candy was sufficient then; now I need lot more. I had less money, but only one product in my head, I was happy. And then Inflation struck! And it changed the way we perceive happiness.



2. People tree –

Just think of how many friends you are in touch with, say for more than 5 years ? Probably less than your Facebook friend list right? I believe that the people we retain in our life for a long period of time have significant influence on our character. We are subconsciously removing the people who are having a bad influence on us and retaining only what matters.

The people tree grows when you’re a teenager, later you realize all you need is a healthy plant rather than an overgrown and unhealthy tree.


3. Date me, date me not !

The window of dating opens up quite early in this generation. While we thought that speaking to a girl in 10th grade was an achievement, now-a-days people are dating at that age. It just shows the confidence in the generation. The confusion comes though, just a bit late.

You meet a 21 year old now and ask him or her, they would have dated at least 3 people, on an average – a recent study says. Not a contention that it is bad, but it shows that relationships have become easy to start and to end.

Just try comparing the Bollywood movies Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Cocktail. Understand what I’m talking about? True love exists, but going unnoticed off late. The concept of compromise is lost, the idea of sharing, well yeah , there’s WhatsApp and Viber for that !


4. Me-d-yeah!

The only news we used to hear was in a local regional channel for one hour in a day. If you wanted more news, there were one or two international full time news channels. Now, people need more news than that one hour per day. The news channels are enjoying more TRP’s than any other channel media.

The evolution of media has caused a revolution and I was there to witness the change. The kids these days, yeah they get news updates on Google Now.

Hundreds of news channels are reporting everything these days. A kid with a smartphone is enough to report news now. Information technology advancements has made information flow effortlessly. Voila, Messi scored a goal one second ago – google now says. Thank you me-d-yeah.


5. Need a Lion ? You will get it online

Recently VICE aired an episode on wild animals smuggling in the Middle East. The wealthy people in the Arab countries now boast of petting wild animals like Lions and Cheetahs. The animals are smuggled and sold online for the show offs who want to pose with their lions on Instagram.

Amazon designed their logo showing an arrow mark from A to Z indicating that all products are available from A to Z; probably lion is in Roman letters and the Cheetah is in Hieroglyphics.

We live in a world where anything can be bought online. The fun of window shopping and of course, shopping as such has reduced drastically. Recently I wanted to buy earphones and I thought of checking out in Reliance Digital stores and so I did. The product I liked cost Rs 1200  in the shop, while the same product was available in Flipkart for Rs 700. No prizes for guessing where I bought it from.


6. Multinational what?

When you join a corporate company these days, you never work for one country. When I was working in Tesco, I worked with a team that handles Inter-company Accounting for over 68 entities of Tesco involving 20 countries. I myself handled 8.

The work you do is so diverse and evolved. When I was a kid, I remember how we celebrated when dad got a Government job. It was the happiest day of my life to see my mom happy. Now nobody wants to work for the government. Yes, now talk about improving the SYSTEM.

After the entry of the corporate giants in India, people have lost the interest in entrepreneurship and government jobs. Most of the people I met in the corporate world are fed up and want to start something of their own. I’d say, better late than never.


7. Corruption & Terrorism

I reckon that corruption and terrorism are one and the same, just the weapons differ. You see political parties built on the graves of peace and governance like the one that has lost the last elections and understand how long it’s been for us to demand efficient governance and change. You see people pledging religion and brainwashing innocent people to wage war against countries of other religions and you understand that the world hasn’t after all grown up, it just grown old.

What is the point of education if we can’t change the world? We live in a world where war is easier than peace; bribes are easier than hard work. This is a change I see, this is the change I want to reverse.


8. Why is it raining in the summer?

Climate change, one of the most significant changes that can devastate the world. It is more dangerous than any other global issue. Recently NatGeo in their series named ‘Years of living dangerously’  have effectively tried to convey the effects of global warming. They have collaborated with world best journalists and TV stations to spread the seriousness of global warming.

A Hero Splendor gives at least 60 kms for every Litre of petrol while even an entry level superbike like a KTM now gives 60 kms for a Gallon. Yes, the generation wants the superbike despite the costs – point number one ‘Insufficiency syndrome’.

We need to understand as we see around us that the summer is hotter than before, the rains are not synchronized as before that the climate is changing.

Do your bit to suppress climate change. Often, simple steps matter.


9. Industrial revolution –

Industries are adopting state of the art robotics and machinery to give consumers the best product for the price. However, the revolution I am referring to is more or less logistics; both inbound and outbound that has led to rapid Industrial growth.

Supply chain management a subject that has gained importance recently plays a great part in the strategic change in manufacture of products.

Back in those days, the advancements were noticeable but now a days the advancements are a benchmark every time. Compare the traditional courier service to Amazon or Flipkart who deliver the product next day to wherever you are; now that Logistics.


10. Hope –

The inflation, corruption, the terrorism, climate change, etc. may be alarming some people but there are a few who have taken on these as challenges on the face of it.

People were scared and concerned about safety of women, now we are not. We fight it, with or without political help. The recent petition against the narrow-minded lawyer related to the Nirbhaya case shows that people are practicing democracy. There is hope for justice.

People now, don’t depend on the governance to effect change. We are united to fight the dark days. Accountability is being questioned and responsibility being re-assured.

Hope has got a new meaning, and it is growing stronger every day.


This article is not just about the change in the world, but to induce a change in you. We shouldn’t create shackles of these advancements we have achieved but make use of it for the better. The change in the world comes from a little change in you.


So now, Let me go get my basket of junk billed.