1. Sakshi Maharaj’s insensitive remark “Rahul Gandhi ate beef and visited Kedarnath (a temple) causing the disastrous Nepal Earthquake (that has reported numbers of 5000 in lives lost)” takes impudence to a whole new level. Read, here for more.

You can also check out a letter penned to the victims of Nepal by Rahul Gandhi, himself, here.

2. ISIS vows revenge after the debilitation (due to spine injuries) of former leader, Abu Bakr AlBagdadhi; Names professor of physics, Abu Alaa al-Afri as new leader. Read more in this article.

3. Barkha Dutt extolled after “apt” response to feature film producer, Leslee Udwin on CBS talk show. Leslee also made the documentary film India’s Daughter. Read, here for more on this.

4. Baltimore protests: Demonstrators arrested as peace circles back into Baltimore. Read, here for more.

5. As the fight against Nigerian militants Boko Haram draws to a close, driving the last pieces out being hampered by landmines. Read article.

6. Syrian observatory for human rights outraged as US-led airstrike kills 52 civilians, including 7 children. Click on this link to know more.

7. UN assures India that it will take up the issue of the release of Mumbai terrorist attack mastermind Zaki-ur Rehman Lakhvi by a Pakistani Jail. Read more, here.

8.Islamic state militants kill 300 Yazidi captives – Read article.

9. US secretary, John Kerry, impressed with democratic reforms in Sri Lanka, enthusiastic about trade and bilateral ties with South Asia. Read more, here.

10. 20 troops of a coalition led by Saudi Arabia arrive in Yemen for initial survey. Go to this link for more.

So that’s it for this instalment. Please feel free to list items that may not have received coverage. Leave thoughts and opinions in the comments, below.