As we grow up, things and their definitions change but the meanings don’t. Life changes but the purpose doesn’t. As we age the perspectives change. And as the perspectives change we venture out into horizons that we haven’t explored. And to explore the new possibilities, new opportunities have to be exploited.

When you pray you might ask for a bigger car or a stable relationship. But do you actually get a bigger car or do you get an opportunity to earn the car you want? Do you get a stable relationship or opportunities to make the relationships simpler and clearer? All we get from the world are opportunities.

Luck is when hard work meets opportunity. As simple as that!
There is no point in taking a road that leads to nowhere. We need to have clarity of thoughts and prioritize the essence of the opportunities. But the only way to know if it is the right road is to travel every road. You might not reach anywhere in some roads, but the journey teaches you a lot that indeed helps your future endeavors.

My views on Opportunities and Luck are based on the opportunities I have exploited, the ones I have missed and the luck which seldom was on the other side of the road.

1. Opportunities knock more than once
Opportunities are magnetically attracted to the ones who value it. Often many fail to realize the importance of the opportunities that have been thrown at them. We have to try and get the bigger picture to understand the importance of opportunities. However, it could be luck that bring the opportunities again and again.

2. Luck favors everyone
The statement is usually, luck favors the brave but I feel that luck favors everyone who believe in it. For a person who doesn’t believe in luck, it still flows but they may not realize it or believe that it is luck. Bravery is associated with luck just to signify that by being brave you can make effective use of the opportunity that luck brings you.

3. Hard work with smart methodology
Some may be of the contention that there is no substitute to hard work. And some say smart work is proved efficient and effective. But we need to analyze the need in that particular situation. Some tasks require you to sweat your guts out, some require you to find short cuts. It is a classic example of making effective use of opportunities. If you are smart enough, you could get the work done with the given resources. I would say an opportunity best justified by hard work in a smart methodology(HWSM).

4. Get a bigger picture
A map may not show the potholes or the humps on the road but certainly shows if the road is worth taking. If you just look at an opportunity, all you may see are potholes. But just zoom out and try getting a bigger picture to see where this might lead you and if the journey be worth it. Any offer or request at time may not be pleasing but will have the potential to change your life.

5. Grab them at first light
You need to act quickly in a trick situation. If you prolong, the opportunity just dies or goes in favor of the one who acts with wisdom. Sometimes opportunities come in disguise, be smart and get the bigger picture. Only then you will know what it is worth.

6. Take the credit
When you give credit to luck every time you achieve something, you may not understand you true capacity. You can attribute an opportunity to luck but success is through your determination and by HWSM. Take the credit for the accomplishment so that you realize your potential, so that you can aim for more.

7. Luck is not a measure for success
Often when we see successful people, we may reckon that they just got lucky. That what we say to ourselves actually. But behind every success story, there is determination involved. You may get rich, you get famous by luck but to maintain the state you need utilize your strengths and push the limits.

8. Parallel approach
When you have one or more opportunities in your hand. Try achieving all together. There should be no bar to how much you should achieve. Let the sky be the limit. You might have to be lucky to get one or more opportunities, but you have to be smart to chase multiple dreams. Dreams have no limits, no limits for success either.

9. The blame game
If you are taking credit for an achievement, you dare take the blame for being unsuccessful too. We often say that we weren’t lucky when we are not able to accomplish something. It is time we realize that failure is an opportunity unexploited and not luck acting against you. We have to understand that our work alone is responsible for success or failure. It is just easy to blame it on luck. Isn’t it?

10. Angels and Demons
An angel is an opportunity that gives you success easily. A demon gives you success too, but with a lot of hard work. Some are lucky to get angels, some have to fight their way up the ladder. There is never a term called failure in Opportunity or luck. It is just not claimed. The world shows gratitude, it is loyal, to the ones who value Opportunities. Either you get an Angel or a Demon, success is guaranteed. Don’t measure success by comparing, but by benchmarking yourself. By measuring the successful use of opportunities. Make the Demons sweat.

The world is dynamic, it is ever changing. World never holds a grudge and the universe never stops expanding. The Sun never stops giving, the moon doesn’t stop reflecting. These are some reasons to believe that more is yet to come. All you need to know is that you are the magnet, and the luck comes to you with opportunities.