Some people sleep to get immersed in their dreams, only a few wake up and get immersed in making it a reality. Dreams are a heads up according to me, of the purpose of waking up. To wake up with a new objective, new idea, new mind set. A person who doesn’t dream doesn’t have desires. A person without desires is person without purpose. However, the purpose of life is indeed to be happy. Happiness comes in different ways to different people. One is happy with attaining a promotion at work, one might be happy just being stable in the same position. Some find happiness in material things.


I might say that desire is the source of purpose but there are contradictions. The Sadhus and saints don’t have any desires in life?  Yes, even they have! They have a dream to spiritually unite the races. A desire to ignite hope. So the dreamers have evolved. Dreams like our lives are globalized. Globalization has had an impact on our dreams as well. So every morning that you wake up you have a new dream and a new and improved version.


Dreams have always had hindrances called Reality. In this world of practicality and sensibilities there are dreamers who wish to expand their minds by creating an explosion of creativity. Here are a few thoughts for a new age dreamer.


1. Family – Strength or weakness?

Once a boy was flying a Kite with his father. The kite reached great heights, the wind was in its favor. The boy asks his dad, if could cut off the thread so that the kite goes higher? Dad asks him to try, so does the boy. The kite comes crashing down as there is no thread to keep it stable. The moral being that, we think that families are holding us down, not allowing us to reach the heights but they are indeed keeping us stable in the turbulent skies like the thread of the kite.

Yes sometimes our family fails to understand what we truly want maybe cos it is not in sync with the family values and traditions. But if the dreamer truly wants something, he/she shall find ways to still be attached to the thread and take it in the direction that they seek.


2. Confusion gives more clarity

You might want to start a business or change your stream, all it takes is a dream, a vision. The paradox here is deciding what is right or wrong. You never know the wrong until you have experienced it. Those confusions lead you to a path that is crystal clear. The confusions push you in the direction of clarity. But the objective is however to follow your dreams. Let not the decisions points affect you, take decisions with utmost wisdom.

Reassess, reconsider, rework, and remodel your plans. There is always scope for improvement in a dream.


3. Be true to yourself

You may lie to the world to achieve what you want, but it is warranted and is justified if you are true to yourself. The truth has different versions. Even dreams have different versions. A nexus has to be established between the dream and the truth behind it.

The dream is your road, your vision is your vehicle and you belief fuels it. In Tenfigures we have always tried to be genuine and true to our vision. Our dream is to make this big in all proportions. Reach a high where we are effectively responsible to start a thought process. The determination comes from being truthful to ourselves.


4. Be ready for radical changes

When the winds of change come, it uproots the trees of muddle and brings such nutrients to harvest new ideas. The change is seldom radical. Your life changes as you take entrepreneurial decisions. If you are a pioneer at something, you should be prepared for the adversities.

Be the change you want to see. Panic doesn’t answer questions. The revelations often has the power to change your identity. What you do defines you. Your dreams hence have the power to change your reality.


5. Wisdom is not battling against the stone walls, but to find a way over, under or around it

Quite natural that a startup faces certain pitfalls. But to face the problems is to be stay focused and be determined about your vision. But battling against the stone walls is of no use. A smart dreamer would finds different ways to beat the wall. Be it practical or cultural difficulties we have find other routes as there is no point in taking a road that leads to nowhere.

The time we think that there are no choices or no more possibilities, our life stalls. Humans have evolved due to optimism and the survival instinct. Hence possibilities are always there, even when you think you don’t have.


6. The moment you limit your dreams, you are doubting your potential

Your dreams are your entry ticket to the infinity. The moment you find yourself in the finite space, the infinity disappears even from the dream. Potential is simply our reach. If we had limited our dreams, we would have not set foot on the Moon. If we limit our dreams now, we would never set our foot on Mars. So mankind has endured just because the dreams were unlimited.



7. Learn the difference between friends and people who you know

Advices are like radio waves, they are everywhere. But we need to tune in to what we exactly want. Often it is difficult to analyze which frequency works best for us, but experience helps. We need to be in the company of such people who are genuine. Genuineness is test that can only be passed by time. Ideas and suggestions are everywhere, but they have to be in sync with your dreams.


8. Happiness comes with success

Losing is a learning experience, but succeeding gives a surge of happiness. One destination is the view point for the next. So we aren’t really happy where ever we reach. It is in our hearts imbibed in our souls but happiness has to be attained through achievements that are propelled by our vision. The circumstances show the difficulties to attain success.

But a Dreamer has to be open minded and find ways to keep the happiness flowing by making short term objectives and achieving them. It sets out a path to attain greater objectives.


9. Mind games

It is called hypnotism when you practice hypnosis. And Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness characterized by an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion. If you have a dream, you have to hypnotize the world around you to stimulate positive reactions for your suggestions. It is a difficult task yes, but if your conscience is strong, you can pull it off.

The iPad that we use today was a concept that was brought in by Microsoft earlier. It was not a success may be cos they didn’t play mind games like Apple. Apple has very strong sense of the market conditions and have gained a stage where they can control the markets. With respect to tablets now, no substitute to iPad.


10. Celebrate your passion

Your passion has to be celebrated. If you do not enjoy it, then it might not be your passion. Very less people in the world are lucky to make their passions their jobs. For the unlucky ones, the advice is to keep hunting for your passion.

Atul Khatri for example is a Computer Engineer and a British Management scholar found his passion for stand-up comedy. He is 45 years of age. Passion is an adrenaline rush that can be enjoyed only when you get out there and get shit done!


To sum it up – Families provide a foundation, so start your journey from confusion to clarity. Be true to yourself and get ready for radical changes. Be wise when you battle against the walls, don’t doubt your potential. Happiness comes with success and true friends stick around throughout; from struggles to success. Understand your mind, play games and apprehend. In the end following the passion is the biggest celebration.