There are many people unfortunate enough to have been born the way that they are, or who acquired a disorder over time. The reasons might vary with medical terms, but it’s the lifestyle that matters, which affects not only them, but their families as well. There are also people who make fun of these poor souls, that the rest of us only defend them.  We fail to realize what we can learn from them !  Although these problems are unfortunate, there is a silver lining.

After intense research based around people with particular mental disorders, this article aims to give you ten reasons which will make you add another perspective when it comes to something as unspoken as this topic.

Ten things to learn from them and therefore ten reasons to care for them..



I have personally heard this from a lot of people and let me tell you, it is a big myth that mentally unfit people grow into murderers or rapists. The fact is that every rape results from lust; every murder results from some greed or selfishness.

These lovely people never  even experience how it feels to be selfish. They just cry whenever they find someone  crying regardless of whether they  know the reason or not.

Don’t make assumptions, better go and experience how nice each person is’  is the first thought that should go through your mind.



This well known quote mostly fails in real world. Whatever love you give to any other person is rarely valued in the way it deserves to be valued. But if you give even a bit of care to a mentally challenged person, he/she will definitely value it. They don’t judge you with anything. They just love you back for your one smile to them. Your one caring pat on the back can make their day.

A normal person may or may not understand the value of love and care, but these unfortunate ones will definitely do. Ironic, how that works.

Isn’t it something to be learnt from them?

“You love them one bit, they will love you back ten bits”  is the second thought that you should think about.



Against all odds, abuses, comments and biasing against such people sometimes achieve great heights in their lives.

These people are much stronger than normal people, as they have a lot of downhill to go through before they learn to rise. And if they get proper care and love, their fight leads them to do something great.

So next time when you feel  these people are useless, go through few biographies who also went through these downhills, before they learned to beat the odds.

*Florence Nightingale


*Napoleon Bonaparte

*Charles Dickens

*Micheal Phelps

*John Nash

The list is very long. But to be noted,these people could be what they are as humans because they were brave enough to fight and to tolerate.  Perhaps they were lucky enough to have a caring atmosphere around them .The next time when you underestimate such a person, don’t ! you might be smashing  a gem.

Again something to be learnt from them .

” A weaker person always has more determination and  urge to succeed. You either nurture them, or let them be.” is another thought.



Believe it or not,  such a person can see the gift of life in every plant and every animal in their reach.

They understand the beauty of flowers. They never pluck them and throw it away. They  communicate with the twinkling eyes of animals. These “abnormal” people live to see the sunsets and  sunrises as beautiful processes. They love butterflies; they are mesmerized when they see a plant growing. They love the sky, water and the soil. They don’t even kill a single insect, unlike us. After all, being normal keeps us busy. We don’t have time to care.

Have you ever seen an “abnormal” person craving for non vegetarian food or hunting animals for fun ? They don’t do that. After all, they are not normal enough to be butchers like us.



Well  this fact sounds crazy, but it’s true. A mentally disturbed person can easily recognize any other person with same kind of problem and connect with them.

Here’s a thought that should arise –  How many times would normal people see any other person with such amaze in their eyes, and think about how to work together, live together in harmony and make our world a better place to live in?

We don’t do that. We make imaginary boundaries instead. We kill, rape, loot and murder. We differentiate between male and female, and also based on complexion.

Mentally challenged people don’t.

Some normal people even turn into terrorists, serial killers. If a normal mind can be so insane, I would rather like to be an “abnormal” person instead.

” Learn from them to share, to understandto provide a shoulder to lean on”   is the essence here.                  



Very often we hear that someone committed suicide because he/she couldn’t succeed his/her aim in life; or that someone had no purpose in life. Can you even imagine what it feels like to a person with mental disorders, who has been taunted all his life as a useless weight on the land.  Is every normal person  capable of making a difference  to the society, to bring a positive change, or to do something marvelous ?  NO!

But, every normal person has a mouth, a vocal cord and a “normal” brain to taunt others, so they do!

 “Learn from them to find more philosophical reasons in life to live, not the fancy ones”.  is the sixth thought that we should go through.



Your mind controls your entire body. A  nervous system controls other seven integral systems in the body. When something goes wrong with it, that affects every inch of your body unlike any other problem one can ever experience. This implies that they are suffering with something more than you can imagine.

But they deal with it every second. They live through their pain without being able to express them every moment.

“They accept their painful life, live it and try to make it worth it, despite their difficulties.” This is something to be learnt from them.



Have you ever seen patients curing themselves? Well if not, then this one is for you. There are cases where such people have cured themselves or at-least tried to.

The real scenario is that such people feel insulted by visiting a doctor; or that they lack support from ones who are supposed to support them.

People find it funny when someone seeks medical help for such treatment. This illness is important enough to receive attention, as well as treatment. But some “normal” people make it difficult and so some of these ill people have no option other than curing themselves. Whatever the reason is, it takes a hell lot of courage to go through this phase.

“The one you laugh at will become far more stronger than you are.”



Is every normal person totally perfect on the planet? Definitely not. We are all blessed with talents and some defects too. Among  the normal people, some are poor, some are poor at academia, some don’t dress well, some aren’t beautiful, some are physically challenged. But they are never laughed at. But if the same sickness travels from some part of your body to top of your body, that is the brain; all of sudden it becomes funny and disgraceful. Logically, that makes no sense, and practically, I’ve given you 9 other reasons already.

There is not even a single abnormal person who points at a normal person and says that they lack something in particular, and laughs at them.  This makes those people better humans. They don’t hate you for your weak points; they like you for your strong ones, regardless of the fact that you have weaknesses.

Almost 20% of the world population is facing some sort of mental illness today. It is our rude, offensive behavior and sarcastic, funny comments which prevents them from meeting a doctor. Most of such cases are not brought into light  since their family members don’t want to be the talk of the town, or perhaps an entertainment factor for the society.

We all should learn from them to accept that not everyone is perfect; not everyone can be the same, but everyone’s life is worth some respect. If they can understand this fact,  then we must do as well. After all, we are normal people. We have better functioning brains when it comes to humanity.

They are not  mentally retarded, instead they are specially abled.