This is a kind note to every person out there who feels like the world around is a lost cause and that for the remainder of that person’s life he/she will never find happiness, peace or some combination of the two.

Just listen to what I have to say.


1. The only option for you is not a clean slate –

Trust me when I say that I really do understand why someone can feel like his whole world is on the verge of collapse; like he has nothing to lose, nothing to live for, nothing to hold on to. Please understand one thing first -There is always hope.

As an exercise, you can embrace your lack of control, your helplessness, get a good laugh out of it and sit down that night and look at the stars. When you are lost in the vastness and wonder of it, focus on recollecting fond memories. Do it with a friend if you want to.

Immerse yourself in the experience long enough and I promise you, you will find some base to build upon as you shift through fun moments. You will find a new beginning, something to hold on to. And if looking at the night sky isn’t your escape then you know what is. Go to it and find that there is still a clear way to see things, that burning or burying your world was never the answer.


2. “No one would miss me if a bus hit me tonight.”

If that is your reality, then my guess is that you feel incapable of love. The world has been disgustingly mean to you and out of that disgust, you are tempted to turn to antisocial instincts to vent your hate for how the world has treated you. You now not only feel incapable of love or any other human tendencies, but you also feel like those notions don’t exist. They are fake and they always have been. Again, as an exercise, try this. Go to a local pet store and get a pet — a dog, or a cat.

Get to know him/her. Watch it stare at you with a naive, goofy look that’ll soothe you like nothing else ever has.

“Animals don’t love me. They just love, and it’s the purest and most beautiful thing in the world.”

– Elka.

After that go to a park and watch a family playing, or a group of friends hanging out; find a person who could use your company and enjoy life again.


3. When similar problems unite us and give us a false sense of a powerful uprising.

People are different. In going through life, you are going to have major or minor issues with someone or the other. You bitch together because it’s fun and because it helps. But remember that avenging the loss of a dear one never brought them back; killing innocents to let out anger never got you peace and isolating yourself from a mean old town never ended the misery. It takes light to put out darkness. It’s true that change may never come, but love, fun and laughter were built to endure. There is always a reason to smile. Find it.

People say Muslims are terrorists. They say Islam is an imperial and unreasonable religious doctrine that is incompatible with the modern world. The same Muslims cry that people are dicks, that they don’t belong and that a fit of murderous rage is the only dissolution. And what’s worse? That there are too many lost people out there who sail the same boat, who think they need a strong cause, even if it’s an utterly meaningless cause.

Again, look around you. The world is not such a bad place. This is just to put across one simple request –

Please stop the hate.