I have often asked myself, “Did I start writing poetry, or did the poetry start me? “. There is no answer to that question. Defined by family values we start searching for a career song that plays all our lives, but we are evoked by certain factors that make us evade the shackles and push us into an aura of thoughts. They say pain gives rise to emotions, emotions bring the best or the worst out of you. For me, I guess it was for the better. Poetry helped me channel my thoughts out to the world. I learnt a new word every day, emphasizing on the origin so I remember the word I learnt about. I started poetry with vague lines, now I have learnt the art of writing sonnets.

When I show my poems to people or read it out in the seminars I am awed by the response every single time. Awed not because they are appreciative of my writing but to see the expression on their faces when they are trying to relate a particular line to their experiences in life. It was overwhelming to decipher as to how much of an impact the right set of words can have on a person.

This post is primarily intended to show how and why certain words are being used in a poem, the necessity to rhyme but not being obligated by it. Certain emotion flows through the poem, starting from a sad note and ending with a realization. Starting with a realistic note, but ending on a motivational note.

This poem I’d like to call, Own little world,

Sometimes the bond fails,
Questioning your methods,
The true sense is lost,
As you dress the naked,

 Perceptions die,
As you get used to domination,
Happiness withers,
In the depths of deprivation,

 You seek a fulfillment in the void,
You enjoy the loneliness,
Only to realize,
That there is no solution in the emptiness,

 We are humans,
Born with the urge to colonize,
Let’s not kill that feature,
And wait for the universe to sympathize,

 Let’s go out and smile,
Let’s smile from within,
Make new memories,
And not let the past dive in,

 Miracle it feels then,
This circle of love,
In the vast endless globe,
Our own little world.

Sometimes the bond fails, questioning your methods. We as humans are wired to innovate. We thrive for more, we work towards a goal. Primarily we need a goal to do something as we do not like surprises. We find our own methods to deal with life which works for us. Our interpretations change and with each understanding our methods are amended. But sometimes we are so concentrated on our goals and satisfying that inner self that we ignore the relationships. Right? The true sense is lost, as you dress the naked. As we know, the facts are tough to digest, so we come up with a mechanism where we dress the naked truth and make it charming. However, that deviates our mind from the actuals.

Perceptions die, as you get used to domination. Perception as defined by a dictionary as the way in which something is regarded, understood and interpreted. We basically use our senses to get an understanding of something and our perception is valid only to us. Domination is an egoistic approach to leadership. We start out to become leaders but get drafted by the winds of domination. As we get used to domination, our understanding dies, our senses lose calibration. Happiness withers, in the depths of deprivation. When you are questioning yourself of your methods and when you sense the bonds are failing; your perceptions being challenged by the domination centric approach, you are bound to be unhappy. Happiness derived from domination is temporary and has a boomerang effect. The feeling of deprivation takes you to the depths of realization.

You seek a fulfilment in the void, you enjoy the loneliness. On a realistic note, we accept some thing if it happens to us again and again. You get used to people not being around and try to be satisfied with the loneliness. It works, but not for long. Only to realize, there is no solution in the emptiness. The turning point in one’s life according to me is when the emptiness is felt, the hunger rises. It is not so easy to attain the state of emptiness, the feeling of being light. But that lightness drives us to push boundaries and prove ourselves. If you are heavy from thoughts already, you are lost in your own head, nothing lies outside for you to explore.

We are humans, born with the urge to colonize. From the earliest of civilizations we learn that we grow only with synergy. Our urge to colonize and endure together is what makes the world we are in. The sense of fulfillment to breach the loneliness which indeed upholds the impact of people in our lives. We influence others and get influenced by others, it is just human nature. Let us not kill that feature, wait for the universe to sympathize. The complexity of the human mind drives it to kill the very feature that makes it. We love people, we fight with them; we love our bodies, but eat unhealthy.

Let us go out and smile, let us smile from within. They say that smiles can cure anything. But only the smile that comes from within is contagious. A smile can imbibe confidence, it can drive change, can make the world a better place. Make new memories, and not let the past dive in. Past is an interesting place. It is a library of memories that are compiled of the happiest and saddest moments of our lives. It is good to be inspired by the best days and learn from the sad ones. But we end up demotivated by the sad days and just let of the good ones. You can store new everlasting memory only if you hard disk free of viruses. It is essential to let go and move on if we need to live to the fullest.

Miracle it feels then, This circle of love. In the vast endless globe, Our own little world. Our world comprises of our relationships, things that we own, places in which we have created memories. We may travel the world, but we come back home to our own world, we may write about the secrets of the world, but learn from the literatures of our own little world.

So why do I have to say so much to explain a poem? Just to make you understand that my view and your view of a poem may be very much different. Certain words hit you and take you back to your memories. Certain lines feel like it has been written just for you. Certain poems explain you. The article is just an explanation of how much of a thought process goes on when writing a poem. It is an art where one tries to combine various thoughts, varied perceptions and bring it all together to hit the right notes.

So what is a poem? (as quoted in my Gravatar profile)

Humans needed a force that could help understand what lies beyond the curtains of emotions. Emotions are like grapes, they taste sour, they taste bitter and sweet, every time you have it you have something more. A poem brings together the fickle emotions and ties it up with words forming a symphony of paragraphs and express it all in black and white.

Choose your words,
Make it a sentence,
Let it rhyme,
You have a poem,

Sing along,
It’s a lyric,
Sing aloud,
Spread some love,

They are magic,
Just learn to play with it,
You will feel like a tantric,

Express the untold stories of the face,
The smile when you read them,
It is intangible,
It is priceless.