My last post about poetry was an insight into a poet’s thought process. Every new word a poet learns will be a celebration and the key is to design such a thought process where you can effectively apply the newly learnt words when ever they are apt. Poems just get better with time

Here are two poems that throw light on the impact of words on the mood of the poem.

This poem shows the gap of understanding between you and your world, it is called Presumption.

When I cared,
It goes unnoticed,
When I give,
The value is diminished,

When I ask,
The worlds are bankrupt,
When I demand,
No happenings do erupt,

When I walk,
The ground is uneven,
When I run,
Seldom there is a reason,

When I cry,
I am too weak,
When I mute,
Co’s it’s just so hard to speak,

When I blink,
My thoughts are lost at bay,
When I differ,
It’s my mind gone astray,

When I arrive,
It’s cos I have no where else to go,
When I leave,
It’s when I need you no more,

When I say,
It is always a lie,
When I don’t,
I’m usually guarding my lie,

Only I know,
The genuinity of my actions,
Only I know,
The true emotions,

How do I make this world understand,
Built on the ready reckoner of assumptions,
Even the truth is lost,
Being named a presumption.


The next poem is about realisation and how we are driven by a selfish inner satisfaction. It is called Selfish Inner Satisfaction.
Fickle is the mind,
Drafting with it,
A bundle of thoughts,

A sigh of hope,
When the memories return,
To a life of harmony,

The thought process fails,
As you color the silhouettes,
Reminding you, some things are best unsaid,

It’s a Talisman, a talent,
When you understand the peaks of deprivation,
Get out of the burrows of assumption,

The true sense is understood,
As you comprehend the regrets of your past,
Now it’s time, to decipher the heart,

I lay my head on the ground,
Trying to feel to an earthly bliss,
For I was lost in an unrealistic kiss,

I see the awe of creation now,
Respecting every second I breathe,
Submit myself to the almighty,

Walls of perception were destroyed,
Making space for the knowledge to harvest,
I feel the vision reach out to the farthest,

Afterall, I am made by the choices I make,
Driven by a selfish inner satisfaction..

Words have the strength to change your life. A famous speech, a touching quote, a friendly consolation is all it takes for your life to change.