The clean energy business is costly; that’s what I discovered around 3 months ago when I started exploring the clean tech industry. The surveys I had distributed and the data that I collected told me that people were interested in substituting regular grid electricity with solar energy completely. I was offering an option to also keep the grid electricity, in case the energy from the solar panels ran out for the day. I didn’t know that there was a minimum cost involved just to keep the grid electricity connected to your home.

( Just to catch you guys up on what I’m rambling about, here’s the previous post I wrote regarding Startup Ventures and what I had planned – Startup Ventures  Part 1 )

Clean tech is ready to be used by the world, but the numbers just don’t add up for startups to be profitable, especially here in India. This is what I discovered after breaking my head for so long about clean tech. It is expensive!

The revolution in the clean tech industry isn’t going to happen a month, or a year. It is going to take a long time to be accepted by people as a reliable, efficient and economical source of power. It’s also going to take some innovation to make the components to be a little more affordable. Although a lot of people talk about saving the environment by switching to renewable energy, few people actually act on it and incorporate it into their households. The financial factor is much bigger than I had imagined.

That said, the hunt for building the perfect clean tech product/package is still ongoing; but, I’m exploring another area of interest which humans are rich in – Culture, food and art.