The food festival.

For a long time, it was just a lot of meetings among 3 people, and it usually didn’t produce any solid outcome. Now, we expanded our team to a couple of extremely talented people and have also progressed with setting up a venue, arriving at an approximate date, and a name (this name sounds right).


Lesson 1 – Picking a date that doesn’t coincide with the rains.

This is obviously a no-brainer; but when we started working on this festival, we wanted to give ourselves around 4 months to work.  We thought, “okay, let’s do this in August” which happens to be the rainiest month, followed by September. We definitely compromised, and decided to settle on November. We were going to pull off something this big while taking a lot of risk, so it might as well have no rains ruining it.


Lesson 2 – Talk to as many people as possible.

I absolutely loved doing this part! I’m a particularly restless soul and this time around, the food festival was my project. Wherever I went, I made sure I spoke to people about this. A lot of them turned out to be designers, architects and marketers. It was as if the universe conspired to make them meet me. Now, they’re all part of our project and working to pull this off. On a side note, they turned out to be wonderful friends as well.

If not their input, then there will be some sort of insight that you will definitely gain by talking about this with people.


Lesson 3 – We had to scale down.

When we started to work towards materializing our idea, we had huge plans about how incredibly big this event must be. We even worked out a costing structure that would tell us how much money we’d need. But little did we think about the logistics involved with pulling off such a massive scaled event.

We do want to get there, but eventually. For now, we scale down and focus on pulling this off. Depending on how that goes, we plot our next event, which would obviously be bigger than the previous one.