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A poem is so powerful that it packs the punch of a thousand essays. A vision is so powerful that it packs a punch of a thousand ideas. I believe that poems drives a thought so extraordinary that most of the people don’t understand. One line in a poem is equal to reading a good 5 pages of prose. And that for you is the basic difference between a Vision and an Idea.


To understand the true composition of a powerful vision we need to understand the factors that drive an idea to evolve into a Vision. The next stage is to make the vision so strong and powerful that all impossibilities seem like a joke.


So what is an idea?  An idea is a thought unique to you although some or many people have the ability to think of the things that you do too. So what is it that makes it unique? Is it enough if the idea is just unique or does it need to be practical? So an idea is a though unique to you and practical to the world. And then, Elon Musk announces that he will make Rockets after selling PayPal. So practicality is not a criteria suddenly. Let’s uncomplicate!


Idea is something you can think of that you Believe is unique and yielding. So we are going back to the concept of belief now. Check out my article about Consciousness to get a deeper sense of belief. A belief is a very strategic decision that you subconsciously make. If you believe in something very deeply that you put that belief in a place higher than anything else, now that is the vision playing its role.


It seems crazy when we get some ideas which seem impossible. But it is worth a shot. We never know what we truly believe in, we have to find out. Let’s say we want to reduce weight, we quickly enroll in the most sophisticated Gym or join Yoga classes. The main problem of being excessively fat is the compromise on fitness. To be fit is the ultimate goal, it should be the ultimate belief. Those extra inches do not mean anything when you are fit. So rather than weight loss programs that take a toll on the body eventually, we need to believe that we have to get fitter. Weight loss will happen anyway. If you work for weight loss, you probably only lose weight, work on fitness and you will get fitter and lose weight.


When we get an idea say for a business enterprise we need to believe in being fit to compete in the market rather than just being able to skim the market for the moment. It is called Sustainability. Let us speak about the most common business ideas FAQs:

  • Is my idea better than his/her? Well, it may not be. But what we need to know is that the vision and the belief that matters and not the idea itself. A recent study states that less than 15% of Entrepreneurs are successful in India. That 15% is the power of vision.
  • How do I know if my idea will practically work? This is a question you would be asking if your belief is not strong enough. Don’t worry, most of us are like that. We need real benchmarks and measures to show that an idea is worth believing in. Market research is good way to start exploring the potential idea. Speak to a potential customer age group or class and try to understand if you product is appealing to them. If you are providing a service, provide a sample service and get a feedback. Do you know that most Smokers haven’t bought their first cigarette on their own? Yet they come back for more. Let your service or product hook on to them like Nicotine. Just metaphorically speaking. Smoking is injurious to health.
  • How do I get investors? Let us assume you have a lot of money lying around even after demonetization and you have two wannabe entrepreneurs who approached you with their ideas. The first person has an idea but doesn’t know the market, he doesn’t know the time when he wants to start, no deadlines either. He thinks that his idea is unique and can make a lot of money. The second however, knows exactly about the market trends, has done research on the product placement and has given you a statement of Return of Investment schedule. Whom would you invest on?

It is not just about the idea being unique, it is about the commitment and belief that you exhibit in your idea. There are loads of people who want to be a part of startups, pool in ideas and services, research and have the facts right. This ensures that you have a good shot of landing an investment. No disappointment if you didn’t land an investment, use this an opportunity to network more and develop your idea in to a deep rooted vision.

  • How to find partners? A partner in business is a very key decision and has the ability to make or break your idea. He/she is a person with whom you are sharing your inner most ambitions and ideas. Choose wisely, choose strategically. A rich partner is an easy choice, but don’t get into a partnership that is based on money. A partner should pool in ideas, correct when you are blinded about practicality by your belief, be a watchdog and a friend too. There are various forums where people are looking for business partners, time to start networking.


There are various phases to a Vision. Things to accomplish in a relatively short term can be termed as objectives. Number of defined objectives help achieve a short term mission. The mission is a short term vision of the business. Vision should be something so deep, so long sighted that the mission and objective should propel you towards your vision.


As you start thinking from a business perspective you will develop a new understanding towards life. People seem to talk to you only if they see a benefit in you, don’t expect them to speak to you if you just cracked jokes. You will eventually be tuned to think that way as well. As you deepen your roots in business there is a personal aspect that goes missing. Things that you once soulfully enjoyed now may seem unproductive and useless. A good entrepreneur is the one who knows where to draw the line and not let the family or friends be affected by his/her change of thoughts.


When you choose to be accelerate your idea you are choosing to be unconstrained by the ordinary, to be free of any shackles that hold your thoughts back and not be affected by rejections. Believe and let the idea grow into a vision.

This poem are dedicated all such believers. It is called Unconstrained by the Ordinary:

Phases in life,

Driving the momentary urges,

I lay down looking at the sky,

Wishing for some holy embraces,


How did the trees grow old?

Oh they are fading away.

Why do I care now?

Is this a part of the play?


With an incepted old thought,

We wither by our own choices,

Driven by a false being,

We collect our own ashes,


Swiftly an idea shines,

Evolving into a vision,

The thought is so strong,

To harness, requires sacrifice,


All those impossible reasons,

Are a mere dust on excuses,

All those probable rejections,

Are now graphic lessons,


The thought is deeply rooted,

The mind is freed hence,

From an aged apartheid,

From a medieval savage,


Phases in life,

Now driving an extraordinary belief,

I lay down now,

Unconstrained by the ordinary.