You’re walking down the path that you once saw yourself walking 5 years ago. You see yourself surrounded with like minded, ambitious, game changing people who go after what they want. You experience new highs and lows in your respective field and witness what it means to win and lose. You are being successful.

All of a sudden, you look back and you are too tired and look for moral support. That’s probably when you realize that you don’t have as much moral support as you wanted. Not a lot of people to cry to; not because you aren’t close to any of them, but mostly because you think that they wouldn’t understand you and that you’re too proud to bother them with it. And then, you feel alone, left out, outcast and discarded. You question what your purpose was when you started on that ambitious path at all, or whether it was worth it.

I’m going to clear that for you.

Without a doubt; without even thinking about it twice, I can tell you that it is probably more important and worth it for you to feel this way.

Why? It’s because you intend to be a lion, and not anything lesser than that. You’re walking on this less worn path and not many people are on it. You will be finding your shadow more often than you find a friend on this path. Your friends and family will probably get together a couple of times, have fun and make memories. Your partner will feel neglected and might leave you because you don’t understand the difference between ‘having a life’ and ‘living a life’. You might choose to spend time at the gym to take care of your health, which is more time away from all the moral support you can find in people, and ALL OF THIS is more important than you would ever think!

When you get to the top, your thinking would have changed; your whole worldview, your mentality, your brain will be completely rewired to thinking and dealing with pain and misery differently than how you do now. Right now, you pay too much attention to the details of the picture, and when you’re at the top you will take a step back and look at the bigger picture and make decisions accordingly. You don’t get there by skipping the wrongdoing of being too close to the picture in the first place.

If you’ve done something wrong, then it is right for you to feel shitty because you made a mistake. However, you think that undergoing pain caused by external circumstances / other people / things beyond your control,  is misery. You don’t understand that you will be equipped to fight similar and bigger battles later by going through this pain and misery now! You will rediscover yourself and what values mean more to you and what values mean less and you will redefine yourself. And this is ESSENTIAL if you desire to get to the top.

I’ve had great lessons with self respect that makes me wonder why I did those things at all in the first place. I’m not going to repeat them, simply because those unfortunate circumstances shaped and strengthened my core values and principles. Does it mean I adore what the circumstances were that shaped it? Hell no! It still brings me nightmares and makes me weep. However, I’m being equipped with battle gear to beat the hell out of it if it ever comes near me again. And when you’re at the top, having learned from all these shitty circumstances, you will rise above everybody mediocre; you will rise above your present self. You will look back and think about all the ways that you could have dealt with a certain pain because now you know what has to be done, and how to deal with it. Now, you’re rewired.

You require a little bit of delusion, faith and madness to get to the top. It needs you to be a lot stronger than you are right now. It needs you to overcome the fears that you face. It needs you to have a herculean mind and a heart so wise that you know so well that it is shaped from all the terrible things that had happened to you in the past. You must endure and you will rise above yourself; because where you’re going, the people there are like lions. And, to mingle with lions, you have to first be one.