I’ve been acquainted with a person for a couple of months now. He runs a software business in Houston, and I pursue a master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Houston.

It is uncanny how people in the same community want to help each other out. It’s like the human nature of forming tribes never really left our genes. I’m not complaining. I read somewhere that a person who wants things in his favor adapts to his environment like a chameleon, instead of complaining about it. I tried doing that. I adapted with the tribalism nature and acquainted myself with a lot of people well placed in the business world, but mostly, with him.

We came from the same state in India, got to know me as a person I’ve always wanted to be known as – an entrepreneur.

He decides to back me with my idea so that we can all work on, and build  the next big thing together.

He is married, has two kids, and a house. I am single, have myself as a kid to deal with, no house and also almost broke. We meet at the right time to make our entrepreneurial dreams come true.