Since the last time I wrote something for this series, my partner and I have brainstormed with our mentor about possible avenues of data science that we can build a product in, tried to validate those ideas with another marketing person whether it is the right way to go about things, whether there is a market need for such a product, how big the market is, what features we’re talking about is relevant to the market, and a lot more things.

Earlier, I had a different approach to this. I would put out a survey directly to the market itself and find out about their needs in the area that I intend to work in. I would assume a possible product and generate a survey based on this assumed product and make the market give me data based on that. All this, just to validate it, so I don’t end up building something that nobody needs.

This time around, it would be harder to do the survey because most our our clients would be businesses that are functioning, and other analysts that are working for, or consulting for other companies. So, we got the expertise of a marketing guru to validate it for us. He would critique our every idea and ask us a million questions about why we’re heading in that direction, and then suggest ways that he thinks may be better, based on his research.

This would all be in good faith, and in good health, hoping that we would ultimately flourish and build something of value together. That’s the point. To collectively build something of value.

This cycle of generating ideas, being critiqued, going back to our drawing rooms, look up something else, research deeper into what could be possible, voice that out, get critiqued again; this cycle went on for about a month, until one day, everyone were decently satisfied enough to say, “Let’s build a beta product now”.