( Read if you’re in need of some positivity in your day )

A long time ago, before I began studying Computer Science in college, I read the biography of Steve Jobs. It changed my life!

No, I’m not exaggerating. It made me think about the lives of people who have a certain ability to milk that “opportunity cow”, what they think like, what they behave like, and what they prioritize in life and get what they want. Ofcourse, I got a lot of negative traits from this too that I blindly adopted without thinking. I was 17!

Now, I’m 24 years old, about to finish grad school in Houston with another degree in Computer Science. I’ve been in the technology industry for a while now, studied about it, been following the trends, ups and downs, emerging technologies that you might not know about unless you deal with building something with this.

But, I’m having a hard time.

I don’t want to say I’m putting too much pressure on myself. There’s just a lot of negativity around me, created by me by a lot of factors around me. The people around you might understand you; but the condition is that it’s only to a certain extent. beyond that, it is a hindrance to them, and for good reason. What’s that? They’re going through the exact same journey in their minds. So, you can’t really be an attention magnet all the time and expect them to cooperate. So, don’t fret it.

This post is to just reassure you that everything is going to be okay! A long time ago, the people running this site got together and had a discussion about what this site is going to be about. And we came up with a lot of stuff. Stuff that you would find really interesting and would be a source for information. And, for a long time we did that, until it went into a limbo of “let’s figure out what to do with our lives first, then the website.” for all of us.

Everyone’s going through a tough time. It is relative to your journey. YOU might not think about the other person’s journey as a tough journey, or you might even think that your journey is nothing compared to the other person’s. BUT, if your journey is giving you a hard time, then it is so.

Recently, I opened up about a similar struggle with a friend studying psychology hoping that he could help me figure out how to deal with all the negativity. He asked me to conduct an exercise that is a continuous one – something I thought that could work. This was something he himself had devised to help people deal with negativity. So I thought I’d give it a shot.

After every single day, good or bad, I tell him what my day looked like, what I did, felt, expected out of people, if I was happy about a particular thing, if I was upset about something specific. He will write up a brief description of whatever I just said in a third person’s perspective and he’d send it back to me. When I read it, it should make me feel two things –

  1. Read my own story from a different perspective.
  2. Treat this series of short writings everyday as a TV show’s episode breakdown and be inspired by how it is progressing.

It’s like watching a character in your favorite TV show growing with each episode!

He asked me to use each “episode” as inspiration to make progress with my own life’s journey.

I’m lucky to have a friend who is a writer and has a book published and is also a future psychologist. So, I am lucky that he can write really well about my everyday stories that he writes for me. But, if you can talk to somebody in private about this technique and if you think this might add some value towards progressing in your life, then do it!

We all need help in our journey.