Affection is the requirement in a relationship. Not a requirement. THE requirement. It sounds simple enough. After all, none of us strangers to tear jerking movie scenes. Well, at least the vast majority of us. So, yeah, most of us are born with the ability to respond to another’s pain with an emotion-filled motivation to help. Yet, so many of us hold back our affection. Why is this so? That’s what we explore in the HOW TO NOT BE HURT BY AFFECTION series. In this post, which is part 1 of the series, we’re only going to run through two scenarios where the characters end up losing or bottling their affection. Then, we’re gonna ask you, our readers, if there was anything the characters could have done differently so as to not end up that way. 

Scenario 1

My dog, Tir (who growls at first, but is an angel once he trust you).

Bharat was a single father who had two kids. A boy named Rohan, and a girl named Geeta. Bharat loved both the kids. They meant the world to him. But one day both Rohan and Geeta seemed to be having a bad day, and they were both giving each other a hard time. It was up to Bharat to mediate. He really didn’t know how. So he ended up comforting Geeta and ignoring Rohan for a little while. He told Rohan to go to his room for the time. Once he was done with Geeta, he went to check on Rohan, but Rohan was mad at him. For about five minutes, Bharath tried to win his son over, but it didn’t work. That night Bharath went to sleep feeling extremely guilty. The same thing happened, on and off, for about a year. In the end, Bharath decided that he would stop being so readily affectionate. He had concluded that affection would always be used against him. That it would always hurt too much. In the years that followed, Bharat maintained a standoff-ish relationship with both his children, and the children ended up feeling the same way. Thus, in about two decades, the world got three new people, Bharat, Rohan and Geeta, who held back their affection despite once possessing it in great measure. 

Scenario 2 

15 year old Hillary loved her boyfriend, Luke, like it was the romance of the century. Whenever they met up, she could almost hear the Latin guitar in the background. It was like their eyes communicated raw passion as they locked gaze and swayed with the beat. The amount of fun they had together could be compared to that of two interstellar beings who found everything fascinating about each other, and they made each other laugh a lot. But one day, in a weak moment, Luke ended up kissing another girl. Hillary, having been with Luke for 3 years by then, could not take it. Especially since her own parents had done that to each other and lost their minds in the process. So, she broke it off with Luke in a rush and erected layers and layers of stone walls around her affection. It never really showed through again, and by the time Hillary was 24, it was like she had become a completely different person – cold and calculated about every move. 


So, now we ask you, what do you think? Is there something these people could have done to not end up bottling or losing their affection? In the next part of this series, we’re gonna offer our own insight into the matter. Thank you for reading.