Many of us feel weak and guilty. The reasons are many, ranging from addiction to one-sided love. We’re not going to get into much detail about the formation and workings of every single case of weakness and guilt. We’re just going to provide you with one simple fix:

Read that again. It says EARN YOUR COMFORT. It may not be clear yet, but using effort to work through something before allowing yourself to enjoy comforts gives you many valuable skills. Skills such as patience, discipline, fluid intelligence, strong working memory, emotional resilience, self-control, sustained productivity… the list goes on and on. 

You can start small. It can be 10 minutes of hard effort before enjoying a comfort for about 2 hours. Or 10 minutes of hard effort every morning, afternoon and evening. Whatever feels good as a first step for you. Being at work the whole day doesn’t count if you’re just following orders and applying existing skills. The only thing that counts is learning something new or trying something that pushes your limits. Remember the words hard effort. This means that you’ll experience tension, clutter, chaos, maybe even tears, in various forms and intensities during the effort. But as we’ve said, you can start with just 10 minutes, and work up from there. As you get more and more into the habit of earning all your comforts, you will notice your sense of weakness and guilt getting smaller and smaller. It’s a simple philosophy, but it works like magic.

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