What would happen to employment if inflation increased?

The concept here is not known or clear. This makes the problem difficult to solve. This attribute where the concept is unknown/unclear is called as intransparency. It can be overcome by learning the concept. For example, you could learn about inflation and thus guage its impact on employement.  

How do I overcome my addiction?

In this problem, you don’t know where to start and how to proceed. Thus,  this problem exhibits commencement opacity and continuation opacity. For addiction, you can start by identifying the causes, and you can proceed by either eliminating the cause or managing its effects. Generally speaking, commencement opacity and continuation opacity can be overcome by studying the problem’s cause-and-effect links

How can I be well off by the time I’m 30?

There are many aspects to consider for being well off by age 30. You need basic qualifications, relevant experience, academic reputation, career reputation and career growth skills. Therefore, this is a problem with many goals. The attirbute of having many goals is called polytely. It takes prioritizing and planning to overcome polytely. You have to prioritize the immediate need over the future need. For example, you need to first finish college with strong results, before you spend too much time researching jobs/future skills. As for planning, you have to arrange enough time and resources for the task at hand. 

What will it take to convince my brother to manage his anger?

We all know anger is bad. But we often cannot find the words to explain why that is. People can make a lot of arguments in favor of anger like it makes me tough or one should speak up when there is a problem. While such arguments have their merit, they also have demerits. But again, we can’t explain these demerits. This type of diffculty, where the solution is hard to express is called inexpressiveness. The way to overcome inexpressiveness is to develop your ideas. You have some idea as to why anger is bad. Let’s say the idea is anger does make you tough, but toughness is not always good. Upon developing this idea, you might realize that toughness is not always practical or realistic. It can even be dangerous. The more you develop an idea, the more the right words start coming to you.  


There are many characteristics of frustrating problems. The ones we went over in this post are:

  1. Intransparency
  2. Commencement opacity
  3. Continuation opacity
  4. Polytely
  5. Inexpressiveness

As we go on through this series, we will see more of them. Hope you enjoyed reading this one. Sound off in the comments below!