Personality is commonly regarded as that quality in a person that entertains. There is a popular saying: Just be yourself and the right people will find you. This saying is gold, for the most part i.e. you don’t have to make a conscious effort to entertain. However, if you really really want a formula that is guaranteed to be a hit, then we present things that will help, and things that won’t help.


Physical attractiveness

This isn’t just about sex appeal. Studies have shown that people are generally more friendly towards good looking individuals. We like symmetric features/proportions and clean skin, for instance. Not everyone can have physical attractiveness that is simply stunning. But a little bit of attention to how you present in public can still go a long way. Again, this goes further than just sex appeal. For example, when you go for an outing, dress in semi-formal attire, and not in clothes you wear inside the house. They call it “looking sharp,” “looking presentable” or “being dressed for the occasion.” Another thing that studies have shown is that people are more likely to take you seriously if you dress well and groom well. If you think there is little to no hope in the physical attractiveness department for you, then that’s okay. It helps to be physically attractive, but it’s certainly not the only way to make your personality shine. 


The following things make people laugh:

  1. Ridiculous behavior –  Wearing shorts to a business meeting, or picking up after everyone’s spillage etc. 
  2. Exaggeration – If you think your pants are about to drop, then rather than say “my god, people are really gonna get distressed if that happens” you can exaggerate and say “If my pants drop, we may have the next mass extinction on our hands.” Exaggerating a funny idea is a sureshot way to make people laugh. 
  3. Stupidity – Why don’t people find dwarves as amusing as babies? Well, it’s because babies are innocent and dwarves are not. The small, chubby frame doesn’t have much to do with it. People can’t help but be amused by stupidity – the quality which makes you behave in an innocent and unexperienced way. 
  4. Impertinence – Imagine going to the queen of England and saying “what’s up, hoe?” That’s impertinence. Doing or saying something that just doesn’t fit in the concerned setting. It’ll have most people rolling on the floor with laughter tears. 
  5. Awkward falls/slips – We have all heard the stories. An intense looking model, suddenly tripping on her heels and having a clumsy fall. Or somebody trying to sit on a chair and falling awkwardly by missing. Awkward falls/slips is time honored comedy.
  6. Defining characteristics – We all have that friend who always eats too much. Similarly, that friend who is easily angered, or that friend who can’t help themselves from baby talking every dog on the street. Such characteristics that define a person are endearing and funny.  
  7. Goofiness – Suppose you suddenly make a silly face or crazy noise in the middle of a conversation. Or if you welcome your guest by slapping your shoulders repeatedly and smiling creepily. Such acts come under goofiness. It’s another time honored way to make people laugh. 

Skills and resourcefulness

Everybody loves someone who can fix light bulbs or broken down cars. Similarly, they love people who can teach a computer to dance. Skills and resourcefulness are nature’s people magnets. The more you know and the more you can get done, the more appealing you become to others. 


People are naturally empathetic towards vulnerable individuals. If someone is shy/nervous, then there is an instinct to calm them down. Similarly, if someone looks really confused, there is an instinct to clear that confusion. Forget all the times you heard “confidence is key.” It’s not. Vulnerability is far more appealing than confidence. Just make sure you are not someone who needs to be babied in every respect. You should know how to fend for yourself, for the most part, and have just that one vulnerability (or few vulnerabilities) that shows you sometimes need help. 

Moments of learning and reflection

You don’t have to teach people the theory of relativity. Just something that makes them feel like they learned something new in life. Reflection is usually aimless. The safest way to start reflection is to pose a hypothetical situation like “What would happen if the world had no competition?”

Having things to do as a group

Whether it’s games, going out to an event, sports, shopping, adventure activities or movie nights, it doesn’t matter. Just between sessions of talking and making people laugh, also have things to do with others as a group. It really helps with social stress and entertainment, too! 



Anger is funny if you are always rude or something. But it stops being funny if you use it to start blaming everything under the sun for your situation. Nobody likes someone who is impossible to deal with when they are angry about their situation. If you are one of those people, then you really should work on processing that anger so as to arrive at a place where you stop blaming everything and everyone for the situation you’re in, and then cut-off every person who tries to talk some sense into you. No amount of skill, humor or physical attractiveness will save you, if you don’t. 

Lack of responsibility

A person who never accepts responsibility for any of their outcomes/mistakes will very quickly become the opposite of entertaining. A sense of humor may cover this aspect for a small amount of time, but in the end it is bound to put the other person off. 

Having no sense of humor

This part does not need any explanation. We are all aware of the soul-sucking energy of someone with no sense of humor. The things that make people laugh are listed above. Please practice, if you struggle with humor. You may have undergone something really intense. No one is judging. But even you wouldn’t want to hang out with someone who never laughs, would you? 

Turning every conversation into something serious

There are some who make every conversation about a social issue, or political issue, or education issue, or some other grave issue. It can be intellectually stimulating to an extent, but beyond that extent the seriousness really puts others off. 


This should be a pretty good guide to those of you who want to develop your personality. Good luck, and thank you for reading.