MindPluckd is a platform to realize the true potential of tech, entrepreneurship, art, design and all the other deeper things that could be categorized under that umbrella.

We believe that the world has been progressing and will progress based on a couple of key aspects.

Everything from design, user interface, minimalism, artificial intelligence, holography, business, venture capitalism, music, literature, falls under the same category of humanity – progress. At MindPluckd, we try to break down all these things so we can understand how the world has progressed so far, in order to exponentially grow in the future.

With this understanding of how the world works, you can practically do anything that you want to put a dent in the universe.




  • Goutam Venkatesh ( Chief Editor and Founder )






  • Abhijith Jagannath  ( Editor and  Co-Founder )




  • Kunal Roy  ( Editor and contributor )