Here’s the third installment of the series – Top stories from around the world.


1. Jihadi John –

We are all very quick to judge bad people, people that have fallen out of grace. But often times we don’t get the full scoop on things and while I don’t condone or excuse any act of radicalism, I do think it might well be worth it to get a different perspective and then postulate a more informed opinion. Find out about this one guy called Jihadi John’s story here.


2. Text messages direct to your contact lens –

New technology that will allow information, such as text messages from a mobile phone, to be projected onto a contact lens worn in the human eye has been developed by Belgian researchers. Something interesting in the works that would greatly make our social life and communications easier.   Read more, here.


3. Here is Jeb Bush’s stance on the treatment of immigrants in the US. All I will say is that it’s a positive stance –

You can read the full story here.


4. Here’s some good news for pot fans in the US. It’s now legal for those above the age of 21 in the state of Alaska.

Read more, here.

On a similar note, I wouldn’t say the day that it is largely legalized across many major states in the US is too far off. The state of DC in particular, may be moving faster on this than others. Read here for more.


5. PM Modi has termed the new budget as ‘pragmatic’ adding that it is primed to fuel growth in India. Read more, here.


6. A method in Putin’s madness?

Amid all the negativity surrounding Putin’s capricious, ill-suited actions of late in the Ukrainian zone, the subsequent sanctions that have left the Russian economy in tatters, more so since the preeminence of fracking , there might be a more favorable take on his agenda and it’s success so far. Find out, here.


7. Space sure is scary –

A titan blackhole, 12 billions times as massive as the sun, nearly as old as the origins of the universe itself has been discovered. Find out more on this freak of nature, here.


8. Ten planets in the Solar System –

Not too long (on a historic scale) since pluto was evicted from the planetary body of the Solar System, a backtrack on it’s previously declared fate may well be at hand. ‘Death star’, Ceres, may be thrown into the mix for good measure, as well. Read more, here.


9. Roger Federer and Djokovic to meet at a final for the umpteenth time –

 Federer routed rising star, Borna Coric in two well-fought sets while Djokovic got through a grueling contest with fellow top-10 member, Tomas Berdych (Despite his stimulating fiance, Ester Satarova living every moment of it with him!). Both contenders look to be in sublime form headed into their Dubai open Clash.


10. European football clamor –

 Chelsea Boss, Jose Mourinho thinks Chelsea is hard done by this season, citing loose statistics to support his polemical remarks. The special one also went on to say that the ban imposed on Chelsea anchor, Nemanja Matic, which was recently cut down from a 3 day ban to a 2 day ban, has caused English football reputation to fray. You can read more on these two items in the following links.

link 1.

link 2.

For current EPL standings and upcoming fixtures, go to this link.

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