1. Veteran defense lawyer says Hillary Clinton could well be looking at a legal investigation owing to certain disclosures in the book ‘Clinton’s Cash’. Read more, here

You can also read about yet another negative opinion on her rickety campaign, here


2. Obama faces heat from inside his querencia over aggressive stand on the Trans-Pacific partnership.

 Read, here for more. Click on this link for some background and updates on the whole issue, if you have not been following.

Further, is an ISIS attack on US soil imminent? See article.


3. Muhammadu Buhari trumps Goodluck Jonathan to become Nigerian President amid an unusual cessation of violent events. 

Click on this link for interesting insight into the 2015 elections.


4. Iran and 6 world powers extend deadline on nuclear deal past March 31st.

Here, is a brilliant write up telling you everything you need to know.


5. If you are still wondering where the equation involving Russia and the west currently stands, you may want to read this article.


6. USA shows concern over India’s crackdown on Ford Foundation and Green peace.

Read, here for more.


7. Deadline for greenhouse gas reduction plan submissions at a Paris conference was honored by only a handful of countries (US included, but not China).

Australia named the prime hindrance. Read, here


8. Here is a very informative article on the current situation in Greece.


9. China reveals elaborate plans for it’s ‘friend in bad weather’, Pakistan.

Read more, here.


10. Brazil’s economy grew by 0.1% last year, adding jobs in March.

Read, here for more.


Also, our prayers are with the people of Nepal. We hope for them to recover from the disaster quake and if not all, then for most of them to be safe.


So, that’s it for this installment of the series. Feel free to list opinions and more items that you think may not have been covered in the comments below.