1. Samsung becoming more open towards the Internet-of-Things –

They’ve bought IoT startups, built new tech surrounding this idea to make connectivity a lifestyle.

More details here.


2. Windows 10 will be the last of it’s kind –

Microsoft will release updates all the time for Windows 10, and they’ll even have launch events for features and updates. But, Windows as a service, will end at Windows 10.  More news here.





3. IBM enhances the marketing cloud to help marketers engage in a better way with customers –

More details about the marketing cloud here.


4. Domino’s will let you order pizzas by tweeting a pizza emoji –

This is limited to the USA only, for now. More details here.



5. Researchers from MIT developed an algorithm to remove window reflections in pictures –

More details about this from the official site itself – click here.



6. Ever dreamed about flying cars ? Well, Aeromobil is here –

Click here to see how the car functions.



7. We cannot run out of smart devices.  Here’s the introduction to smart phone covers –

This cover sends texts, time, calls and other little things right to your phone case.  Read more here.



8. Say hello to the world’s first $9 computer –

Although this looks crude, and a skeleton of a computer which you usually see, this bears similarity with the Raspberry Pi’s crude computer which costs $35.  you can still do a lot with it, if you’re a developer. Go take a look.



9. This new technology lets you control windshield wipers with your eyes –

Yes, Jaguar just patented that technology and it’s amazing.  Click here.


10. Pain relief without medication, but with another smart device !  –

This wearable sends signals to your brain, thus masking the pain signals; hence reducing the amount of pain felt. More details here.