It’s strange. You look at everyday objects in the most mundane settings. A lamp in the living room. A glass on the dining table. An ornament in the courtyard. So on and so forth. For some reason, as you scan these objects, you start to bend, and when you realize you’re bending, you make an effort to stand up straight. It’s as if everything in your life, from the smallest trinket to the largest view of the sky, is a reminder of where you are, and every attempt to lift yourself up is a reminder of where you dream of being.

So deep is this strange desire that it speaks through every object you look upon. So heavy is the endeavor for it that you have to make a conscious effort not to bend. But, the desire doesn’t last forever. With age, it weakens. Why? Well, because a youthful look takes center stage in all the dreams leading up to the desire. So, when the youth departs, the glory of it all is shattered, and the blow from the shattering leaves humility as the last resort to save the dignity that remains. Then, before you know it, the end draws near, and you lament the fact that life is short. You feverishly look back over your journey, and wonder what awaits after you have moved on from this world.

At the end of it all, the big question remains: what is life about? Is it about fulfilling the strange fire of youth? Once you are no longer young, is it about making up for the loss of youth by any means necessary? Or, is it about looking back in your old age and carrying a special piece or two into wherever you go next? Since the dawn of mankind, people have wanted that answer, but not once has anyone even come close. Given the staggering pace of innovation in the last few decades, perhaps, we’ll finally have an answer by the turn of this century. Until then, the best we can do is enjoy the ride without losing our minds.